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    Posted June 14, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    A Wish for a "Happy Father's Day" Sunday


    The  third Sunday in June is celebrated as Father's Day in the US of A. For  me being a son, a father and a grandfather, each Father's Day is a day  of joy with a tinge of sadness.

    The four happiest days of my life are:

    February 21, 1979 - the day my oldest son, David, was born;

    November 29, 1989 - the day my youngest son, Kevin, was born;

    February 6, 2007 - the day my granddaughter, Dylan Kay, was born;

    September 20, 2013 - the day my second granddaughter, Alaina Dee, was born.

    As a child, I was always trying to please my Father. I would try to  emulate him. I would make sure no matter how often we moved and how many  schools I attended in one year, my grades would remain at the top of  the class. Always striving to obtain approval.

    Yet, it seems  that approval never came. On Father's Day I would try and find the right  card, get the right gift. I would get an obligatory, "Thanks for the  card and gift, Mark." Not much more as he would set the card, the gift  aside.

    Over a half century later, the relationship between the two of us remains tenuous at best. I have yet to gain his approval.

    Yet still, to my Father, whom I love dearly, I wish the best and happiest of Father's Day.

    Tomorrow throughout the US of A, we take time to honor those men who  are responsible for giving us life. We will say, "Happy Father's Day!"

    Yet it seems that what is sad on this day set aside to honor fathers,  is that fathers have been relegated to a 2nd class status in comparison  to mothers. Fathers are more seen as a paycheck and sperm donor and less  as an integral part in a child's life and development.

    Why is there such disregard for a father's place in society, in a child's life and development?

    Are fathers needed in this age of science when ovum fertilization can take place in a laboratory?

    So are my thoughts as I sit here in Mark's Den. I am a father and  grandfather, but often feel as if I have no role in the lives of my  sons.

    Dave is now 35 and father of my beautiful granddaughters,  Dylan and Alaina with another grandchild on the way, due December 3. He  and his family still live in Indianapolis about 100 miles from the  Cornfield.

    Kev is married and coming upon his 4-year  anniversary in July. He and his wife, Hailey, live in Austin, Texas  about 1,000 miles from the Cornfield.

    Although I was unable to  be a father to Dave growing up, I never stopped loving or thinking of  him. With Kev, although his mother and I divorced, I was able to play a  role in his life.

    No matter the rough times, the  disappointments, the depressive ups and downs, it is all worth it to be  able to proudly say, "Those are my sons."

    I have no greater joy  than seeing my sons now grown into men with families of their own. My  sons have made and make my life worthwhile.

    While society may still see fathers as 2nd class...my sons affirm to me that I am world class.

    From Mark's Den, to every father out there, remember the best joys in  life are not the cards or the things, but it is having the love of your  children.

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