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    St. Charles, Missouri
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    30 Day Kindness Challenge


    You’ve heard of fitness challenges, investment challenges and maybe even sales challenges, but have you ever heard of a challenge to make us more aware of being kind to others?


    Well, here’s the latest on the first ever 30 Day Kindness Challenge.


    Elizabeth Bourgeret, teen-life coach and author has launched a 30 Day Kindness Challenge that began on June 15, 2014 and will go until July 14 and simply asks for participants to be kind to one another for thirty days straight.


    This innovative thirty day challenge began when Ms. Bourgeret was people watching and noticed that everyone seemed to be lost in their own world and was completely unaware of what or who was going on around them.


    No smiles to one another. No holding doors open. Quick, sharp insincere conversations.


    She wondered if everyone was having a bad day.


    She voiced the idea of a Kindness Challenge to those around her and the idea was received with great excitement. So much so, that participants have reached four other countries so far.


    “In the busy self-centered world we live in, I guess it can be forgotten what a simple gesture smiling at your customers, or paying it forward can do for the esteem of others. But it’s things like that which can make the difference in someone’s day.


    We have gotten starved for such simplistic forms of love that when it does happen, we look upon it as something foreign or suspicious. It’s time to make kindness a common activity again.” Ms. Bourgeret states.


    She is asking participants to perform small acts of kindness to random strangers and even family or people they know, everyday for thirty days.


    “They say a habit forms after doing something for two weeks, but it is 80% more likely to stick if you can keep it up for thirty days or more,” Bourgeret says. “Wouldn’t it be nice to pick up a kindness habit instead of some of our other choices?”


    Ms. Bourgeret’s goal is to make kindness something that people don’t even have to think about, but just do it and expect nothing in return.


    Participants are encouraged to share their experiences with their other “accomplices” on her facebook page or her website blog for each of the thirty days to encourage each other and to give new ideas to pass on the kindness.


    From the amount of response Bourgeret has already gotten with it only having just gotten started, it’s sure to take the world by storm.


    “A storm of love… I like that.” Bourgeret laughs and scribbles down the thought.


    The 30 Day Kindness Challenge is FREE and open to everyone, everywhere. “No matter how old or young, rich or poor.


    This is something everyone can get involved in and reap huge benefits from.” If you’d like to know more or would like to participate, go to Elizabeth Bourgeret’s website: (http://www.elizabethbourgeret.com)for all the details.


    About Elizabeth Bourgeret
    Elizabeth Bourgeret is a popular teen-life coach and author. Her brand of “leading with love” can be seen in everything she puts her hand, and heart, to.


    She has just launched her teen program, the Total Truth Workshop that teaches teens life skills in an interactive and creative setting.


    She travels from city to city to bring the workshop to the kids to make it a lasting positive experience for them.


    To read more: www.ElizabethBourgeret.com

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