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    How to keep your employees and customers happy: Tips to treat them both well


    The other day I picked up dinner from my local Chipotle restaurant after ordering my family's usual "bags" of favorites online. Thankful to be able to skip the long line, I searched for a way to tip the woman at the cash register that brought me my order. There was no pre-printed line on the receipt to write in a tip amount after I paid with my debit card - and no high-tech "dip jar" that allows the 90% percent of us who probably use credit and debit cards to pick up dinner a chance to electronically tip our servers. No, there was only the old-fashioned little silver bucket sitting by the register, happily soaking up the sole dollar bill of the one guy left on Earth who carries actual cash for such matters.


    Okay, I jest with the cash-carrying part - but I drove away feeling surprised that a company like the formerly McDonald's-owned Chipotle wouldn't be technologically savvy enough to find a way to make it easier to get more money in the hands of their hard-working employees, ones I'm eager to get an agave nectar Patron-filled Margarita from on some sultry summer evening spent with friends and fam. Perhaps they need to enlist the services of a firm like RewardCo, where they can pass off the handling of rewarding employees and customers with points and features that make them feel appreciated, which helps reduce worker turnover rate and can increase customer loyalty and sales.


    The importance of treating employees and customers kindly


    The thing that RewardCo understands is that to appreciate someone, companies can go beyond using money as a sole motivating factor. Don't get me wrong, money is very important - after all, everyone wants to be tangibly paid what their work is worth - but people also want recognition in other formats as well.


    I remember one time at my old church, the staff brought us volunteers to the front and offered us commemorative coffee cups as a way to say thank you for our service. It meant so much to me just to be recognized in that manner. A little kindness goes a long way, and as such, RewardCo offers to take the process off of your hands if you're too busy or don't know how to set up a system that could include everything from issuing trophies to gift baskets to whatever else you prefer in order to express to your employees and buyers how much you are grateful for their actions.


    Beyond finding a way to offer tangible goods to individuals, it's of utmost importance to remember the biblical edict to "be kind to one another," which can go a long way in getting people to respond in a likewise manner.


    Sure, you can throw stock options out like you're making it rain, but if those dangling carrots are accompanied by sucky attitudes like the ones displayed in the "Mad Men" era, you'll soon find your firm without many clients or customers - and ready to close its doors.

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