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    Posted June 14, 2014 by
    Adelaide, Australia

    The Importance Of An Environmental Friendly Adelaide Pest Control Company


    Hiring an Adelaide pest control company should be a serious business for homeowners that are looking for a pest control solution. Exterminating unwanted pests usually involves the use of toxic chemicals that are sprayed along homes and yards that can be harmful to just about any living thing. Homeowners should first make sure that their families and pets are safe and should only hire someone who has been certified as an eco-friendly or less toxic pest control operator.


    Recent studies have shown that 95 percent of industrial synthetic pesticides or herbicides never reach their intended target. Most of these chemicals end up in our water supplies, the food we eat and the air that we breath. Some of the most serious effects from the use of synthetic pesticides to humans and pets range from birth defects to long term illnesses.


    While pest control Adelaide components should not be entirely seen with their negative outcomes, they were developed to solve crops and home infestations from unwanted pests. Pesticides do have their use and are important for our food supply and shelter purposes. However, their negative effects are far beyond what we want the positive side of it to be. So an alternative solution would be the use of green pesticides or environment friendly pesticides.


    So you might ask just what are these so called “green pesticides”? These are environment friendly means of controlling pests that involve biological means or organic components that target a specific breed of pest or insect. Unlike synthetic based pesticides which are indiscriminate , organic pesticides are selective to what they respond to and are less harmful to humans.


    Traditional pest control companies have never been seen as an environment friendly business. But many are shifting to organic pesticides because of government regulations and the negative effects that they can cause to humans and pets. While most natural pesticides are made from earth grown materials, they still are pesticides that are meant to eliminate a specific breed of insect. Although they may have little to no effect as they dry because of their natural ingredients, they still must be used with caution.


    Although there may be Adelaide pest control companies that label themselves an environment friendly, this may not necessarily guarantee that they have the best practices. So what should we look out for when hiring an environment friendly pest control company? Generally here’s what to look out for:




    Find a company who has established a good reputation. You can find this out by reading online reviews or a referral from someone you trust that has already used this company.




    Another thing that you should look out for is if they are licensed with a regulatory body or agency. Licensing for pest control is usually a public record which you can find in state agencies that governs the pest control operations. Typically a good environment friendly pest control company should be registered with their local state agency. Their license should be advertised on their office and company vehicles.




    Most reputable pest control companies offer “after service guarantee” and this is what you should also look for. This shows that they are concern with their customer satisfaction which is what you also want.


    Pest control companies are usually what comes to mind for many homeowners during the onset of pest infestation. While safety for the family should be our utmost concern, environment friendly pest control companies should give you a worry free solution.

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