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    Living with a chronic illness

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    The high cost of autism??? It doesn't have to cost you a thing!

    I saw this article.... "The high cost of autism."


    I didn't even read the article and I can give you a good break down and say that autism doesn't have to cost you a thing!

    Autism is caused by formaldehyde!

    Formaldehyde in all the vaccines and formaldehyde used in EDTA. EDTA the preservative in Mountain Dew, Kraft Mayonnaise, every brand of mayonnaise and most margarine, Sunny-D and most brand of cosmetics, toiletries and topical lotions and creams. You're causing autism and other problems and you don't even know it.

    The only way to rid the world of autism would be to ban the used of all artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from everything. But since that's not going to happen the next best thing is to adopt a fully organic and natural diet and life style. It's costly, but what you save on not buying medications and paying for a doctor that you don't need will be better spent on a good healthy diet and lifestyle.

    Autism and that state of autism is maintained by the consumption of toxic chemical based artificial colors, flavors and preservatives that cause swelling of the brain stem and a subsequent intracranial pressure. The swelling of the brain stem and intracranial pressure caused by the chemical reaction the human body has to formaldehyde and the other chemicals used in all the additives are...... Autism, Alzheimers and much much more.

    Your depression = chemical additives effect on your brains chemistry.

    Your mood swings = chemical additives!

    Your migraine headaches..... chemical additives.

    Arthritis too!

    There is literally no end to the problems, aliments, disorders and harm that these chemicals are causing.

    Billions spent on searching for a cure for cancer, autism, alzheimers, tourettes, etc, etc, etc.

    Billions of dollars poured into the pockets and bank accounts of people who have no business of being in business.

    If you understand the reality and fact that there will never be a cure for cancer as long as we are consuming known carcinogens in our foods, being exposed to the same chemicals and some that are worse in out soaps, shampoos and other products. Than you will see why it is important to stop the use of all those carcinogens.

    You're okay with your child having M&Ms, Skittles, Icy pops and all sorts of colored beverages. but what if the perspective is changed?

    Let me put it to you in this way instead.

    When you let your child have those artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, in the foods you feed them, or allow them to eat, in the treats and other goodies they have and have had for the past 50+ years.

    Coal tar and, or petroleum based coal tar is a known group one carcinogen.

    The following is a List of IARC Group 1 carcinogens


    The IARC is the International Agency for Research on Cancer. I think they might be smart and know a whole bunch of important stuff that might help save some lives and maybe even help to stop cancer and other health problems!


    Now lets go down that list of stuff on the IARC group 1 carcinogens list...... I see...... "Dyes metabolized to benzidine".

    Lets click on that one!

    That takes me to this page.....


    Okay now..... lets get to the point and the truth that when you and, or your family, your pets, children, everybody consumes these dyes......... because of the other things on that IARC list.... that you could say that you're eating any of those things on the list.

    Eating a bag of M&M's (in America) chasing it with a Mountain Dew and maybe snacking on some Doritos is the equivalent of smoking a pack, or maybe even two packs of your favorite brand of filter, or non filter cigarettes!

    You don't mind that your child is eating artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives?

    Do you mind that? How does it sound when it's put to you in that manner? Do you care about your kid smoking a pack of cigarettes? But he's only 8, She's only 8, 13, 15, 17, 45.

    A life of consuming these additives will lead where?

    Is that what you want for your children?

    If I didn't bring this to your attention would have ever known about this?

    I feel that it's my duty to the people of my race (human) that I share this and what I have learned along the way. My journey to explain my allergy lead me to this and I can't sit idly by and let it continue.

    I just can not do it.

    I intend on making things change, for you, for me, for my grand daughter who will some day grow and have my great grand children. And for yours!


    DNA damage induced by red food dyes orally administered to pregnant and male mice.

    Dr Tsuda and the other doctors said the dyes cause DNA damage because of what happened to the laboratory animals (rats, mice, etc. aka mammals) I think the belief is that if it does bad things to one mammal, it does bad things to all mammals and ummmm, I think the last time I checked, lol 30 seconds ago....


    Class: Mammalia


    Now back to my point....

    This is destroying your DNA, your childrens DNA, the DNA of every man, woman and child in America. PERIOD!

    I always find it odd to send a sentence with a period followed by an exclamation point.

    This isn't only about autism, or alzheimers, it isn't about any of the birth defects that have occurred in America over the past 100 years.

    It's about what we are doing to ourselves, to everyone, to the human race. Is anybody interested in living?

    Is living important to anyone.... anymore?

    It is to me.
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