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    In Defense of Cashiers

    I am sure we all have gone shopping and had a cashier check us out of the store when we stopped to pay, but are the cashiers really noticed? This single person who is the face and voice of the store in your local community. How often have you checked out of the store expecting to be greeted, smiled at, and catered to by this cashier, yet you were on your phone, talking to your friends, or too far away to be greeted and commented on how rude the cashier was because the cashier was silent giving no greeting, or smile, or eye contact with you. The cashier was simply being polite to your rudeness. If you seriously want attention, you have to give attention. I am the customer and I deserve to be acknowledged. This is true and most stores require the cashier to cater to the customer’s needs, however, would it have been too hard for you to not be on the phone, stop talking to your friends, and allow the cashier the few moments of your time to greet and talk to you? This is what you want isn’t it? Customers are so busy on the phone, talking to their friends, and not paying attention that they routinely walk out without their purchases, yet they can complain about the cashier, you know the person you had nothing to do with when you were checking out. So who really is the blame for anger and frustration? You, the customer.

    On another note, not everything goes well for the cashier either on a routine day. For example, scanners don’t work, no price universal product code (UPC) on the merchandise you wanted so badly and complained about it to the cashier who is not responsible for placing the UPC on the merchandise, having pick up heavy items in order scan them while you stood there not offering to help, replacing new bags on the line while you complained about not having the time to wait, cleaning up major spills that you made and complaining why the cashier wasn’t checking you first, and lastly being the target of your anger that had nothing to do with the cashier.

    No gratitude or thanks for placing items in the shopping cart for you, arranging a takeout service for you without being asked, helping you understand the payment system, personally going to get an item you wanted badly that didn’t have a UPC code on it. Lastly, helping pay for an item you didn’t have the correct change for.

    Who is the cashier that is looked down upon by most people as being beneath them? It is a person who made nuclear decisions that is retired, a scientist from a local laboratory, a preacher, a CEO, you name it, they are there holding a part time job just to keep active and healthy. So the next time you check out of your local store, get to know the cashier, say hello if the cashier doesn’t, and smile first because it’s the human thing to do.
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