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    Living with a chronic illness

    My Chronic Lyme Story

    I was diagnosed with Lyme disease back in 2009. It was hell to find out what was wrong with me, and 5 years later I am still sick and no better. I was going out of my mind back in 2009 after moving to Illinois form Saratoga Springs N.Y. We moved out here back in 2008. And I was on top of the world. I just got married bought a house and was planning on looking for a job out here. Then I felt like I was going out of my mind. Chest pain all of the time. Mood swings out of nowhere. Hated everyone around me and wanted to take my own life. I have never though like that before. I was going crazy.

    I want to the E.R.. And Doctor after Doctor looking for help. They all just said it was because of the move, and that I had anxiety. So I went to a psychologist who told me I was Bi-polar out of the blue. Which didn’t make sense to me or anyone around me.

    I then was place on medicine for it. Which made me worst and I couldn’t take it. I was told to go to a mental health hospital. The Doctor I seen there suggested to do ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) I did 3, which did not help. I came home after being there for 3 weeks, and went to stay with my parents in Saratoga N.Y.for a while.

    While I was there a good friend of mine who work for the mental health system told me go see this one therapist/ nurse practitioner. Upon going to her she looked at me on our second visit and said have you ever been check for Lyme disease? I look at her and said no I never had a tick on me. Little did I know at some point I did. I went to my doctor. Then told her what was said by the therapist / nurse practitioner and she said no I will not check you for Lyme Disease told me I had fibromyalgia and said sometimes nurse practitioner think they are Doctors and they are not and walked out of the room.

    I then had to look for a doctor that would test me for Lyme. I found one and he said it was positive for Lyme disease give me 4 weeks of Doxycycline and vitamin D. I took it and felt back to normal. I was me again. So I went back to Illinois. 2 months later I started to shakings, my legs would feel like they where going to give out I use a cane and a wheelchair sometimes. And so on.

    I am still fighting everyday to do everyday thing like laundry, dishes and so on. I just want my life back. In 2010 I found out my daughter has Lyme disease as well. It broke my heart. I hope one day there is a cure. I don’t want to see anyone go though what I am going though.

    I am told by doctors out here in Illinois that Lyme disease only last 2 weeks and if I took the 4 weeks of Doxycycline there is nothing more that they can do for me. I have also found out I have co-infections as well.

    I just want to have more good day then bad, and enjoy life. I hope and pray that someday there is a cure and I hope my story helps someone.

    Doreena in Illinois

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