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    Posted June 16, 2014 by
    Mesa, Arizona

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    Some Thoughts on Iraq 2014


    The Iraq war should have never happen. I think most Americans agree. I remember Mr. GW Bush declaring the end of major operations. I also remember his optimistic vision of what a friendly, democratic Iraq will mean to the Middle East. Yes, and that was to happen soon after the "Shock and Awe". But it did not happen.


    Instead some old conflicts and unresolved problems emerged and an insurgency followed. The Bush Administration clearly did not anticipate the chaos they had faced. (They later admitted to both: Going to war under false pretenses and being surprised by the insurgency).


    We know the troops experienced confusion and frustration at not knowing who the enemy was, what are they fighting for and who is helping them. When Mr. Obama took over, this was the situation he inherited.


    He did what he could to end this war and remarked, it is a lot easier to start a war than to end it.


    Although I have mixed feelings about allowing the chaos to get out of hand, I have one interesting observation: By stepping out of that situation, we may have ended up with a clearer picture of who the insurgents are, what is it they want, who is helping them. Sometimes you have to step away.


    The Iraqi people have already suffered incredibly. The ones suffering the most are those who don't have the means to leave and ride out the hostilities. Which means the poor people. Their environment, indeed ours as well have suffered and the damage is monumental.


    Just today I read that the Pakistani government has decided to rid their north-eastern region of terrorists and to establish order there. That is an area where drone attacks have been conducted by Mr. Obama. This may be a sign that they prefer to do it themselves, because with drones some of the innocents get hurt too. Malala's wish may become reality. (She asked Mr. Obama to stop the drone attacks.)


    Maybe the drones will help stop this Iraqi chaos, if needed. Unfortunately we will be paying for this war for decades. Our young people in uniforms paid with their lives, with their injuries (physical and psychological).


    May we somehow achieve World Peace!

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