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  • Posted June 16, 2014 by
    Woodland Hills, California

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    Community Mobbing - Police Harassment

    Police working with communities to create mental illness and remove me from society.

    Since the age of 29 I found out the the police have been working with the masses to create mental illness to either try to push me out of control so they can arrest me, or push me to suicide using covert mental illness terror tactics.

    They have riled up the masses world wide with every lie possible and have had all day and night continual passive aggressive terror tactics to remove me from society.

    Occasionally some people break from their silence of I don't know you and your imagining it to either threats, vague accusations of crimes, or threats to try to keep me quiet

    This is a video I was shooting of fire trucks and the police thought I was taking still as they walked by threatening me saying at the end of the video "We are watching you Perelman"

    the police with the masses have been following and collecting every detail of my life taking it out of context and giving it to the masses riling them up to remove me from society that looks like social pressures just got too tough for me.

    The damages from their 30 year all day and night mental illness campaign is not only severe, but most people keep quiet pretending I am imagining it.

    My website shows proof beyond any doubt and is less then 1% then anything that goes on world wide.

    This is a mass terror campaign since the age of 10 in the gray areas of the law with the police running around thinking they can do anything they want and trying to end someones life, Even if their elaborate smears were true, they still wouldn't be justified in this mass crime.
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