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    Boston, Massachusetts

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    Boston Magician - Dave Chandler Reveals “7 Mistakes Human Resource Directors Make When Hiring Corporate Entertainment”


    Hiring great corporate entertainment can take some of the worries away from planning the perfect event. Finding the right corporate entertainer can be a little overwhelming.


    By using this top “seven” list as your personal, stress-free guide to help you find the perfect entertainer, you’ll avoid the same mistakes others have made.


    Now let’s begin.


    1. The Guarantee:


    Does the entertainer offer a 100% Guarantee? If No, hang up your phone and call one who does.


    You have enough to think about, without wondering and hoping if the entertainers you hire are the “right” ones! A full-time specialized corporate entertainer should be offering you a 100% tear-up-your-check Guarantee.


    Here’s an example of such a guarantee:


    “Our Iron Clad, 100%, No Weasel Guarantee is this:


    If we do not provide the services we agree to, you can take your check and tear it up. Pay us nothing - GUARANTEED!


    Yes, we are so confident your guest’s will have one of the most memorable, exciting, fun-filled and amazing event/parties ever. This is the reason we can and do offer our no-strings-attached guarantee. We will make you look like a real-hero.”


    2. Show time:


    Corporate entertainers’ performances are generally available in several durations and formats – usually from thirty-minutes to two hours (or more upon request). However, the amount of time the entertainer performs DOES NOT GUARANTEE you will be “getting your money’s worth.”


    One entertainer may offer an hour show and really be a flop, while another who is seasoned, skilled, fun, witty, amazing, and memorable may perform for thirty-five minutes, and make your guests go wild with excitement. In the latter case and after having put together such a successful event, your guests will be praising you and telling you how much they enjoyed it, Especially the ENTERTAINMENT!


    3. Testimonials:


    Read the testimonials on the entertainer’s web site and promotional materials. If you can’t find them, and the entertainer has posted an extensive client list, this is a red flag.


    A pro should be able to provide you with plenty of testimonies from credible sources. If the entertainer’s credentials otherwise appear to be solid, ask for these references.


    4. Show Confirmation, Contract or Agreement:


    Professional corporate performers should provide you with a booking confirmation or agreement that specifies the terms and conditions of the performance(s).


    It’s a good sign that you are dealing with a professional corporate entertainer when they provide you with written confirmation of your booking, so there is no confusion about the details, such as the date, time, address, or other requirements, including any special requests.


    Note: Each entertainer has a different fee structure, so don’t assume that travel and per diem are included in the fee. Ensure these charges are fully disclosed, including the details of any deposits required, so there are no embarrassing surprises.


    A performance agreement may not be good unless signed and returned with a deposit. If you delay in signing an agreement or paying a deposit, the entertainer may fill that date with a more responsive client. Make no assumptions!


    5. Are they a pro?


    Unfortunately, there are lots of self-proclaimed “corporate entertainers” who call themselves professionals, but do little more than put on bad shows, waste your money and embarrass you, as the host. So, how do you know you’re getting a pro?


    Here are a few valuable tips (questions to ask before you make the final decision):


    A. Does the performer have at least 10 years of professional experience?


    B. Do they have an updated web site? This is definitely an indicator. Having a good web site does not guarantee that the entertainer is good, but it is a sign that the entertainer is serious about their business.


    C. A professional will customize each show accordingly (keeping in mind the nature of the event and the audience demographic). Great, customized entertainment will make you look like a real hero in the eyes of your guests, boss, and even your CEO.


    D. Is their material “appropriate,” or do you have apprehensions that the performer may not be a good “fit” for your event? The ideal corporate magician, for example, should have a clean act yet still be highly entertaining.


    6. Agency:


    Is the corporate entertainer you are considering associated with talent agencies. If the entertainer is hired through an agency or has an agent this is usually a great sign you are dealing with a professional.


    However, you should also keep in mind that many professional entertainers successfully market and book themselves in a variety of venues.


    7. Fees:


    Many HR directors call entertainers asking for price quotes, looking for the least expensive corporate entertainer in the area. The value is not in the price, but the excitement and feeling the entertainer brings to your event.


    Do you want eye-candy, enchantment, a more festive atmosphere, or something interactive? You should book based on the outcome you want and consistent with the flow of the event.


    Consider the other costs that can be reduced without negative consequences before hiring a cheap act.


    Note: “You get what you pay for.” How many times have you heard this? In the entertainment industry, this is very true. When you hire a corporate entertainer, price is definitely an indicator of a few things.


    The lower the price, the more likely the magician is not a seasoned professional with a great act.


    When you compare the fees of corporate entertainers, you should also compare their experience, references, production value, and other credits or achievements. Also remember that various forms of entertainment have different values.


    Most importantly, make sure you are hiring an entertainer that has had success in venues similar to the one for which you are booking.


    Every act doesn’t look good on a stage, and some stage or theater acts don’t play well in banquet halls.


    A full-time professional is very easy to work with. They DO NOT think they have “arrived”, though they may have a celebrity status, they carry themselves well and do not belittle others.


    They will not make major demands which can become taxing and ridiculous.


    Now go out and book some great entertainment-That’s MAGIC in itself!" said, Dave Chandler, A professional magician in Boston, MA

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