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    My Essay

    Describe three of your key strengths.

    One of my key strengths is the ability to take on challenges and then figuring out ways to solve a particular challenge. It definitely keeps my mind stimulated. I have the ability to use my own initiative to take on challenges, and always try to be proactive at the things I do, which helps me keep my mind simulated and focused.
    My biggest strength as a student is how I study every day for particular tests and quizzes, as wells as preparing for exams. By trying to create a unique system of gaining information, it helped me learn and memorize information. I always felt prepared for my exams whenever I used this technique of learning. My ability to prepare for important deadlines and due-dates was my most important skill that differentiated me from other students at my school. I created a detailed study plan to help me memorize important information.
    The other principal strength is my experience in working with small groups in my classroom. The program at my school allows group of students (max. of 5 students) to work with each other to solve world-related issues which also relates to the things we have to learn in our subject. I really enjoy working in these small groups because I love the different ideas that are generated during brainstorming, as well as the quality of work that is created at the end.

    What is your favorite subject? Explain why.

    My favorite subject in school is Mathematics and always will be. Mathematics has always been my favorite because it helps me understand things that I never thought would occur. Just take any problem, and there will be a formula in Mathematics that can solve that problem. The wonderful thing about Mathematics is that, besides some formulae, there is nothing else to remember. Every step in solving a problem is done logically. You can solve any kind of Mathematics problem by solving it in step by step, something like an algorithm. I can solve problems related to mathematics for hours without getting bored. My father is a Software Engineer, and he has a very big hand in my success in the subject of Mathematics.
    The major reason why I like mathematics is that I do not have to memorize everything and to acquire good marks in mathematics you just need to have sufficient mental logic for the subject.

    What is your planned college major/career goal? Explain why.

    I always wanted to be in a career where I could use both my knowledge of Mathematics and Science. Chemical Engineering was the career that I was always interested in since I was a freshman. In this college major, I will definitely be able to use my knowledge on chemistry, physics, and biology to come up with solutions to technical problems. The most important thing that passionates me about this career is that in this exciting field, I will be helping my future generation as they will be able to use the new types of things that chemical engineers will be able to provide them.
    This career will allow me to research new technologies and to solve problems ranging from food, paper, drugs, fertilizers, fuel, and other complex chemical processes. To carry out these activities, I think that I possess the qualities of complete and quantitative understanding of both the engineering and scientific principles underlying these technological processes.
    The most important reason I chose this career is that by doing this I have the ability to “Change” the world. I will be able to work to improve the quality of people's lives. Most items used by people every day have needed chemical engineers to produce them. Chemical Engineers are helping to end starvation, disease and poverty. I will be able to work to save the environment by hopefully developing alternative technologies to combat acid rain, lead pollution and the greenhouse effect.

    What challenge or difficulty have you faced? How did you respond?

    My biggest challenge as a student in my daily life was “Time Management”. I wasn’t able to successfully manage my time during my school year. I woke up in the morning, went to school, came back, did my homework, and then there wasn’t any time for me left to study or do anything else. This was leading me and my future to a dark side. I tried making a timetable for myself in which I divided my daily routine into things I can utilize that time for. Unfortunately, that went unsuccessful, and I was back on the bad track of wasting my precious time. I discussed about this with my parents, and they requested me to study and to do other personal things that I want to do before I sit and do my homework. This plan went very successful, and I was able to use my time easily and usefully. I tried my best to avoid the disturbances around my day so that I can be successful. By cleaning the area around my study place, I observed that I was able to utilize my time for easily. Following my daily-schedule was little hard at the start, but after some practice I got used to it.
    There are few things that we definitely have to follow in order to succeed in managing time. They are: Set priorities and goals, Organize your data, Institute systems and processes, Develop a routine, Set boundaries, Keep your workspace clean and orderly.

    What are three things that really motivate you? Explain why.

    The three things/people that motivate me in my life are:
    1} My biggest motivation in my life are my parents, they always motivate me to be successful, and to do good in future. Whenever I any problem in my education, my parents are more than happy to sit down with me to go over the difficult homework or particular questions. This makes me feel that my school work is important and interesting. They also help me make a to-do-list, which helps me address the things that I have to do for that particular day or that entire week. Sometimes they encourage me to try those hard questions so that I can easily learn it on my own with some practice. They offer me rewards when I get such questions right, and this definitely helps me to strive for future success.
    2} Sometimes when I cannot find anything to motivate me, I try my best to motivate myself. Making a deal with myself helps me being prepared for the day. When there are many tasks to do, I pick the hardest task first so that I can do my best on time and could spend most of my time on solving that task. The biggest secret behind motivating yourself is to compare yourself with yourself, not with other people. This will make you go above and beyond other people. Never fear Failure. I always try my best to avoid the fear of failure, which definitely helps me gain more confidence about what I can do my best. I always write down my goals, and every time I look at those goals, I decide on reasons for working those goals.
    3} Motivational or Inspirational Quotes help me be on track on whatever I want to do. Some people whose quotes I really admire are Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, and Albert Einstein.
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