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    Posted June 16, 2014 by
    Houston, Texas

    Wake up Mr President

    I was a Dod army contractor in 2004 I was head of HR in for Halliburton Baghdad Headquarters green zone. My team consisted of folks from all nations. We worked around the clock day and night, we fought hard to preserve Iraq and worked along side the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people layed their lives down for us we had PPE they had nothing but their soles. We saw friends get blown up, soilders blown up, Iraqi citizen's blown up. Everyone sacrificed their lives to stop the terriosts from entering American soil. We saw 2 year old children sell porn cd's to make money to buy food for their family. Car bombs blew up iraqi governing council, bombs took off side of the heads of our halliburton contractors and soilders. I never speak up but I am digusted with our government and president. If we don't fight we will be facing this in America and our children will be blown up by these terriosts. Americans have no clue and kept in the dark of what is really going on out there. I would love for you to fly my other team members in from around the world and us reunite for the first time and share our real stories of what a war zone is all about and how Iraqi citizens were so grateful we were there by their side. We have kept our mouths shut we worked like dogs to protect America. We flew on C130's with bodies of soilders cried all the way home. America needs a shake up and reality check if we don't go to Iraq's aid we will be next. Folks are too selfish or don't even care to realize the pain, tradegy, suffering, sacrifices, our troops and contractors made to make our homeland safe and how contractors and military lost their lives. I could write a book of experiences my term served. No help or compassion has been hardly given and in my eyes we all came back with PST but none had counseling to enter back into society. Mr. President wake up smell the coffee pot there was a reason we all sevied in Iraq contractors and miltary it was to protect the USA and we are now wide open if you don't do anything. Call me if you want to do an interview with me I will be glad to speak up for the first time ever and was the first female to work on exceutive team in green zone with Halliburton and military and the girls who worked for me worked so hard and were so brave. Thanks Mimi, Sophia, Megan, Annabelle, Stephanie, Connie, Chris, mike who always looked out for us and fed us at his camp and all my fellow team mates who had the guts and integrity to fight and stand up for the USA. My heart goes out for all the military that lost their lives and parents who lost their children. I never speak up regarding politics but I am digusted with our government and would love America to know what it was like over there in 2004 the real truths. The fire fighters for Halliburton put out fires, retrieved body parts from car bombs smouldering ashes along with our heavy equipment guys, school busses with chidlren blown up. It is not that Bush wanted the oil it is because the terriosts if not held back will be in USA fighting and taking control. Americans have no idea of the fear, pain suffering, poverty and how normal the Iraqi people are. Our government does need to finish what it intended to do stop terriosts and protect this nation. Instead we loan money to banks and car makers and make the rich CEO's richer normal folks like us cannot get no help. Banks are ripping folks off, our nation is in poverty in most parts. Poverty will cause the terriosts groups to move in. What are we thinking!
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