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    Media and Terrorism


    I have been following the recent news on what is happening in IRAQ by the ISIS. I opened Twitter today and I found out that there are many accounts' holders were posting photos, videos, and violent contents. What surprised me the most that Twitter did not ban or delete these accounts. How come twitter allow such contents to be posted on the internet?
    There was a young man saying that every muslim man should let himself to be involved in this terrorist group. Also, I watched a video that showed several men were killing an old man and taking his head away from his body. However, this video has been taken down by youtube because it showed violent content.
    The problem here now is that those people are saying what they will be doing in the future. For Instance, a guy tweeted on his account and wrote that there will be a huge victory for them that will be taking place on Friday. The problem here is what is the role of twitter? Twitter is helping them to spread violence between people. Tweets are being sent out with specific jihadi hashtags. Any uneducated muslim man will read those hashtags. After that, those hashstags with the posted stories will brainwash this man's mind. For example, one account had more than twenty thousand followers.This account is being the most popular for the jihadists and the ISISI people. The guy tweeted several things about going into the jihad and kill those who don't believe in Islam and Allah. As a result, many young men will volunteer and will follow those tweeted rules. Aslo, another probloem is that any young man can direct message any of those terrorists and on the next day, this man will be involved in doing violent actions in Iraq or Syria.
    In the end, I want the US government and other international governments to take a look on those accounts. The terrorists have their clear voices and faces posted in videos and photos. They will be easily tracked if twitter really cares about the safety of the account users.
    There are hashtags that are written in arabic and say that ''Go and fight for islam and God''. Since I am fluent in Arabic, I have done some researchers and found those links.
    The first link is an account of a guy who is mobilizing to young men to join the ISIS. He posted violent tweets and videos.  The second link is a hashtag that is written in Arabic.
    The Third link is a jihadi youtube account that is posting the violent videos.


    I have some links posted below.

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