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    Empower Network ALL In Team Launches BlogBeastNetwork.com


    Empower Network


    As we rapidly approach our 3 year tenor with The Empower Network company, community and culture we realize how much more we could be helping hundreds and thousands of people making a legitimate income on the internet.


    We want to reveal a winning game plan that can take your business to the next level.


    Stay tuned for an incredible video sharing our Empower Network story, truth, and success.


    How To Get A Blog To Go Viral


    As we continue with our trend of fixing the typical blogging issues or blunders that many bloggers experience. This particular blunder is one that troubles many bloggers.


    The Lack of Viral Architecture Blunder
    Not incorporating and not leveraging social sharing will put an end to your traffic jam. Engage in viral distribution of your content. Empower Network Blog Beast features every application your blog needs for all of this.


    Why is This Blunder An Issue?


    Life taught us too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad. In case you want readers to share your blog posts, place social media sharing buttons on the blog. Yet try and not give people too many sharing options. This might be distracting. Don’t overwhelm your visitors.


    Build A Viral Blog
    By limiting the sharing buttons to the only networks where your ideal prospects are active sends traffic and leads. For example, in case you don’t get any traffic from StumbleUpon, don’t clutter your web-pages with this button.


    Empower Network Blog Beast’s creators have studied all the social media sharing mechanisms. They’ve concluded the best way is to rely on those who have really tested such methods.


    How To Choose The Right Blog Design
    In case your blog’s design is much agglomerated, the visitors won’t even be able to look at it enough. Not to mention your content’s message won’t be able to reach out. This is one of the biggest Blogging Blunders.


    Why is This An Issue?


    The design shouldn’t chase the visitors off your blog. This is the last thing you would want to do. The development team at Empower Network’s Blog Beast has simplified the way you are about to choose how your blog looks like.


    How to Pick The Right Blog Design


    There are tons of choices for your blog to look awesome. Yet, all the great business blogs share the same traits of success.


    Adding Images And Videos To Your Blog
    A good blog will always feature great visuals. Don’t make it rough. Knocking your readers’ heads with blocks and blocks of content can’t do your business any good. Have a closer look at your design and use images especially created to attract readers.


    There are thousands of ways to introduce pictures and images onto your pages. Is as simple as introducing an image next to a paragraph.


    POST PREVIEWS Empower Network


    The online marketer should have a publisher’s mind. Don’t think of your blog as just a blog, just make it a digital production. Picture it as a trade magazine for the industry you area activating in.


    One great trait for your readers to enjoy is the table of contents. This means they will have a better understanding of what the website features. Instead of displaying your entire, most recent article on your blog’s homepage, display only an excerpt and an image from several of your most recent posts.


    This will allow visitors to scan some of your blog’s content and give them a choice of what to read first.


    If you take care and resolve all the Blogging Blunders, you will surely win. Finding the right tools of action will improve the way your blog works. Getting rid of the Blogging Blunders will make your blog a perfect place.


    Try It Out Today: www.BlogBeastNetwork.com


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