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    Children’s Author, Joyce Miller Is Impacting The World By Sharing How One Can Get Past Being Bullied Through Her Heartfelt Books - Sweet Old Sadie And Invisible Jim Via Her Lavender Lane Book Series


    “Do you remember the night before the first day of high school? I do. I couldn't sleep and when I did finally fall asleep I had nightmares.


    In one I couldn't find my roster. In another I couldn't find the classroom. In another I got to school late and they wouldn't let me in.


    I never dreamt that the girls who had been my friends and acquaintances would ignore me but that is the nightmare that started on my first day of high school.


    I don't think I was very different from most of the other students in the hallway that day. I had taken a lot of time getting ready for school. I tried to make sure that everything was perfect, my hair, my clothes, my shoes, my school supplies, EVERYTHING!


    I prayed that I wouldn't say or do anything annoying or stupid and become an outcast on that first day. Little did I know that I wouldn't have to do anything to ruin high school for and by myself. There was already a plan in place to do it for me.


    When I turned into the hallway where my locker was I saw the crowd of girls that I was looking for.


    "Hi Donna!" I said. "Hi Lynne!" "Hi Iris!" "Hi Bonnie!" "Hi Ellen!" "Hi Beth!" And so on and so on and so on. And not one of them said, "Hi Joyce".


    Yes, that was a nightmare in the light of day for a scared young girl on the first day of high school.


    I didn't tell anyone that day, not even my Mom. I tried to imagine that they didn't hear me. I thought that things would return to normal the next day.


    They didn't. I tried to figure out why this was happening to me.


    I had not had an argument with anyone and could not think of anything that I had done that could have offended any of them.


    I think I was in shock at first and maybe started to be a little depressed. My mother started to question me.


    When I finally told her what had happened on the first day of school what do you think she did?


    1) Go to school?


    2) Talk to the principal?


    3) Send me to counseling?


    4) Call the other girls' moms?


    No. She didn't do any of those things.


    She told me I needed to make new friends. She didn't dwell on the reason this happened and didn't make a big deal over it. She told me to join a local chapter of a national organization and I did.


    I made many wonderful friends some of whom remain my friends today…almost 50 years later.


    Today people would say that I had been bullied. I was ostracized and I have never forgotten how it felt to be left out. You might say that I was Invisible Joyce and that all those years ago Invisible Jim was conceived.


    Invisible Jim is the second book of the Lavender Lane Series of rhyming picture books.


    Each story tells of an interaction between the kids of Lavender Lane and an adult who lives on the street and provides an opportunity to share quality time enjoying a fun story and beautiful pictures with special children in your life. And that time can be a vehicle to opening a dialogue with these kids about subjects which will remain important throughout their lives.

    All of the illustrations where Jim is being pointed at and whispered about lead to conversations about how it feels to be left out, to be mad fun of, and to be so sad that you would rather be alone and how to deal with these feelings.


    The fact that the children were curious about Jim and didn't know why he acted the way he did can lead to the topic that for every behavior there is a reason and people may not be the way they seem.


    The children visiting with Jim can illustrate how every day is an opportunity to make a difference in a person's life.


    Jim would never be the same after he revealed himself to the kids and admitted that he had been wrong for so many years. What a difference they made in one afternoon!


    And last but definitely not least, as Robert E Lee said: ‘Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or keep one.’ said, Joyce Miller, Author ‘Sweet Old Sadie’ and ‘Invisible Jim’ via the Lavender Lane book series


    Author: Joyce Miller


    Website: LavenderLaneSeries.com


    Telephone: 1+ (215) 370-5416


    Email: SweetOldSadie@gmail.com



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