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    Jay Servidio 20th Anniversary of Teleteria


    I first had the opportunity to start Teleteria in 1993. I had a deal with the telecom company on the island of Anguila. All I needed was 50 grand to buy some equiptment and ship it down there. The guys who were to lend me the money wanted to comp me as an employee which was exactly what I, Jay Servidio,  was trying to avoid so I opted out.
    In 1994 I decided on a smaller scale start up since all I had was my weekly pay check working as a salesmen in the telecom industry.
    That means I started >href="http://teleteria.net/">Teleteria<just like the bulk of our clients, spending money I cant afford to lose.
    I bought a block of 900 numbers to resell, made a deal with NY Telephone to resell their 970 numbers, opened up a small office at 575 Lexington Ave NYC and begain.
    I would suit up in the morning and go to my job then come home change into jeans and go to the city and start the process.
    It wasnt long after this that one of my phone clients taught me how to link my adult sites and grow traffic, a practice that still works today 20 years later. Of all the points I will make in this piece none is more paramount then that as its the money.
    I stayed up till 2 am every night linking my site anywhere on the net that would allow it. Soon after I watched my site earn 10, 20, 30 a day. In those days we charges 10.00 monthly and 25.00 lifetime with no recurring billing.
    More linking. 100 a day, 200 a day still more linking.
    I wish words could describe the feeling of watching my site make money. It was as if I invented fire I was so excited.
    500.00 a day, Ok now I, Jay Servidio, can go to the Vegas audiotex show called IA 2000.
    The show was a small show run my Steve Hearn, an affable gentlemen. All the big guns from phone sex were there from all over the world. I got to meet them and talk to them.
    Teleteria was the ONLY internet company at the show.
    Soon after Teleteria was building the managing the web site for the show. All roads lead to Teleteria for those wanting to get into the business. We started doing shows in LA, Miami, New Orleans, Canada then Europe both east and west. Heady times.
    I was offered a monthly gig teaching for the Learning Annex here in NYC and Toronto. I would fly to TO for one weekend a month to teach about the adult internet industry. In those days the USD was 150.00 the CAN dollar. Thats 1.5 Canadian lap dances for every 1 NYC dance. I digress.
    Teleteria growing huge. Customers making money huge.
    Bigger better faster.


    Now were 20 years old. The 33 year old Jay Servidiohref="http://jayservidio.com/">Jay Servidio< is now 53 married with more kids and dogs then you can count.


    The industry is still surging. There are only a little over one billion people on the net now. There are 7 billion on the planet. That means for every dollar made in the adult internet industry in the last 20 years there are 7 dollars out there yet to make. Break it down even more? Ok.


    That means if you have an adult site earning 1000.00 a week now over the next 5-10 years as more and more people come online that site will earn 7000.00 a week.
    But Jay how can you expect me to live on 7000.00 a week? I know its not going to be easy but its a start.
    One site, 7000.00 a week, 10 sites, 70,000.00 a week.


    A new car, caviar, 4 star, baby I think I'll buy me a football team.


    Rich enough not to waste time. Rich enough to have your own reality show following your fat ass all over town.


    Look I never aspired to own a company in the adult internet industry. Corporate America made it very clear to me that they could care less about me or my dreams and aspirations. I started Teleteria because I had no choice. I will NOT live my life as a replaceable tool able to get fired at anytime and thrown in the trash heap.
    I will not go down that way.
    Teleteria gave me the opportunity to make my own way on my terms. In turn Teleteria gives you the same opportunity.
    You need to see it that way. Making money in the adult internet industry working from home with no commute and no office politics and no bull_hit. Pinch me I think I am dreaming.

    I wish to give many thanks >href="http://cnn.com/">CNN< for the opportunity.





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