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    A Tale About Dog on Log Turns Out to Be Untrue


    On 12 June, the dog was seen calmly floating atop a log that was floating in the bay. After being captured in video and posted online, his story has fascinated many and drawn much attention.

    Many assumed the beloved pet was swept away out to sea during recent storms, which left a great deal of wreckage in the water due to damage in the region. Many believed he was lost for days, clinging closely to the only solid ground he had to stand on, a log.

    Lieutenant Anthony Norris told the New Zealand Herald, "There was significant debris in the water and on one large log floating in the water was this poor, helpless dog. I would hate to think how long he was there."

    Diluting the dilemma that was drawn up by the media, the dog's owner offered up a much less glamorous account explaining how Tiny got caught in this quandary.

    Fisherman Ben Ngawaka explained to the Herald that he was out fishing. When he stopped his boat to inspect a large log that looked like a promising piece of repair equipment, he was unaware of the fact that his dog has jumped ship.

    "He must have thought that when we stopped, we were parking on the shore and jumped off," Ngawaka said.

    Ngawaka stopped to shop in Port Fitzroy, and then returned to the scene of his disappearance. He was shocked to find a large naval vessel parked in that very spot. Crew members asked Ngawaka if he was the owner and promptly returned the canine to him.

    "He's fine, he's most probably forgotten the whole thing by now," he said.

    After being posted on the Herald's website, the story has been viewed over 200,000 times, and shared about 800 times around the world.

    A Navy spokeswoman apologized about assumptions that were made related to the rescue of Tiny.


    "We regret this aspect of our release was incorrect, and are glad that the dog is safe and reunited with its owner," she said.

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