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    Posted June 19, 2014 by
    District of Columbia
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    Tax Exempt NFL???

    I was just reading a story about how the government wants to raise money to fix the problems with the roadways and bridges all over the U.S.???

    For years and years in every municipality traffic generated by the NFL, shipping their goods, their foods, their products, the traffic going to and from the games and for what ever else the fans might want, etc.

    For years the highest grossing corporations, and organizations like the NFL have gotten away without paying taxes.

    There is something seriously wrong with this situation.

    I think the NFL should pay taxes and they should pay BIG taxes because they make BIG money.

    I am a firm believer in the idea that equal tax should be applied equally to every dollar that transfers from the consumer to the big business. In the exact same rate and manner that the consumers are taxed.

    The money that the NFL for tax could have repaired the roads ten times over. They should pay especially for roads and such. The big corporations ship the stuff across the country and do more damage to the roads with those heavy loads in those big trucks. And yet there's no money from them to pay for any of these things.

    To be perfectly honest I think in a business minded manner.... fixing the roads is bad for business.

    When you break your car, you have to get it fixed, so you're keeping the auto repair industry going because of the damage caused by the potholes and other issues on every road in every city across the entire country.

    Of course there are exceptions, there are always exceptions.

    Fixing the roads isn't a priority for anyone, except for the companies and corporations doing the road work.

    It's a bit ironic in that here we are... supposedly the greatest nation on the planet and we can't fix our roads, we can't fix our deficit and we can't get anything done.

    The American Republican has become a thing of the past, it would appear that all we are left with are republican'ts! Or republiwont's.

    I see finger pointing and inaction.

    Blame the President for the things that were broken long before he stepped into that office.

    People hide their racism in their political diatribe.
    Honestly... he's (so far) the best president this country has ever had.

    He's doing great things without your help and you can't stand it.

    There's something called right and wrong.

    This is not right. None of it is right,
    Since when did it become okay, or become an accepted practice to allow the death and destruction of an entire nation of people???

    The ignorance is so deep that they believe that there's nothing wrong with using toxic chemical additives because someone who was wrong said.... a little bit can't hurt.

    It's hurting!!!

    Every autistic child, teen and, or adult is a victim of what (we could say) capitalism has done to them.

    Autism is not genetic and there are those who think it's okay to spend billions of dollars of money that could go into helping those with these types of problems instead of funding new homes, cars and holidays for people who have no clue that's exactly what they're doing.

    Research is a waste of precious time, money and valuable resources.

    Autism is an allergy problem, it's allergy because your body is physically incompatible with all the chemical additives and literally everything that anybody has a problem with... whether it's mental, or physical health.

    The additives are causing just about everything you can imagine.

    And instead of fixing it, it goes on and on like a broken machine pumping out defective

    I know that I can't be the only one who has a problem with any of this, but who can do anything about it?

    This isn't a call to arms, it's not a conspiracy theory, it's happening.

    And nobody is doing anything about it.

    I have been going on and on like a broken record about this topic for almost the past ten years of my life.

    Last week, My psychiatrist said "Good news! You're not Crazy" Which isn't the odd part.

    The odd part is that my psychiatrist said "You're not crazy" and I was disappointed.

    By preponderance of the evidence, the information that is here for everyone to see......

    Can you imagine that what I am talking about may never get out into the mainstream of things.

    The smoke and mirrors are very thick indeed!

    The wool over every ones eyes is very heavy.

    Is there something wrong with me saying the things that I am saying, or is it wrong to try and stop everyone from knowing the truth according to my view?

    I get no help from the media, the ones with the money that owns and controls what we are allowed to see and hear, the powers that be don't want you to know, they don't want you to be strong. Your weakness is their strength.

    They want you to be reliant on them for as much of everything that you like.

    Everybody is liking the wrong things, the wrong stuff.

    some people are changing and that's great and wonderful, but the problem is that those who are acting out on the mental health problems caused by all the additives are what George Romero might have been referring to in his Night of the Living Dead movie.

    In essence... They are theoretical zombies. I was one of these so called zombies and when I changed my diet and cut myself off from the additives..... everything changed and I woke up.

    Society wants to feel safe, women and children like to feel safe and secure. Everybody wants that.

    School shootings, people going postal and now going Fed Ex...... Shooting, killing, maiming, it goes on and on.

    The behavioral side of things makes bullies bully and makes those on the receiving end... passive aggressive, depressed and depending on that person, they could be so down that they kill themselves, or they kill someone else.... in the worst cases of this type of behavioral disorders.... I have a huge list of examples to choose from... Jeffrey Dahmer, James Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner, Columbine, Virginia Tech, keeping in step with the fact that this is a world wide problem because of the fact that the Unilever Corporation makes and markets of EDTA in the margarine produced, marketed and sold world wide.

    Finland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, It's literally everywhere.

    This problem isn't exclusive to America. There are the same problems and both the health and behavioral issues continue in those other countries too.

    A medical professional in Denmark, She refused to vaccinate her child and still.... he has autism. What does she have in common with any of us? Chemical additives like the EDTA in the margarine sold in Denmark.

    America must change NOW!
    We cannot go on like this!

    I cannot go on like this and I wont!
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