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    Crowd Marketing with Viral Tactic


    Crowd marketing is the latest wave sweeping the world of online marketing. Crowd marketing can be defined as a type of marketing where businesses and service providers are connected with important influencers.  These influencers are selected on the basis of the target market that the business caters to. In essence, Crowd Marketing is a service that is especially designed to get a crowd of targeted influencers to talk about and promote a particular product or service on social media.

    Crowd marketing can be compared to celebrity endorsements. However, there is one major difference between the two.  While celebrities generally charge exorbitant amounts of money when promoting a company's product or service, crowd marketing takes on a different approach.  This form of marketing focuses on finding influencers that are already connected to the company's target audience and the cost of using these influencers is much lower compared to celebrities.

    Keep in mind that crowd marketing does not merely focus on Google ranking. The primary benefit of using Crowd marketing is that it helps optimize the use of social media.  These include YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Facebook. The goal is to build and target an audience on these platforms.  This is done through tweets, shares, views, engagement and other social media signals.  All these activities are conducted to promote content and products.  The philosophy behind any crowd marketing campaign is the belief that nothing is more effective in marketing than word of mouth.

    The main challenge of crowd marketing is to find the right influencers.  This requires significant research as well as a thorough analysis of the competition. Do remember that when proceeding with a crowd marketing campaign, it is important for you to figure out whether you want to take on this marketing strategy on your own or whether you need the services of a professional.  If you do not feel that you have the necessary resources or the expertise to identify your key influencers, then it may be in your long-term interest to use the services of a professional.

    That is precisely why there are several companies that offer crowd marketing services to businesses and institutions. One of the most popular Crowd Marketing companies is Viral Tactic.  This company is believed to have more than 3600 social partners and a very high satisfaction rate with its clients.  Viral Tactic offers a promise to promote, choose and start a crowd marketing campaign for you.  Their strategy is to find targeted social influencers, tweet the sponsored message and enable the business to gain more exposure, increase sales and expand its followers.

    To date, Viral Tactic has provided crowd marketing services to 60,000 happy clients.  They work closely with each client to help them connect with top influencers in their industry and promote their business, product, service, app, music or anything else they have to offer.   For each of its clients, crowd marketing companies like Viral Tactic offer customized campaigns that are easy to implement, straight forward and transparent.  As long as the company provides information about what they wish to promote, who their target audience is and how big an audience they want to reach, campaigns can be implemented within two to five days.  Companies also have the flexibility to schedule their campaign for a specific time period.  Most crowd marketing companies charge their clients on the basis of CPM.

    Professional crowd marketers know how to find qualified and targeted influencers for the campaign. These influencers will in turn promote the business on Twitter, Vine, Facebook and Instagram in order to provide maximum exposure, generate traffic and create a following.  The best thing about crowd marketing is the fact that it can be easily monitored through the number of clicks and conversions, tweets and retweets, likes and favorites.  Crowd marketing definitely has the potential to provide both short-term and long-term benefits and is a strategy that should be considered seriously by those engaged in promoting their products and services through the social media.

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