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    Posted June 19, 2014 by
    Balitimore, Maryland

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    Oil And Gas Problems



    In this country we have had a boom in Gas and Oil production. Which has presented us with challenges in production and distribution of crude oil. The ways these oil companies are transporting the crude oil are putting many communities in danger all across the U.S. Despite one of the largest oil spills that we had here at home, the BP Event Horizon. The oil companies have not progress in up to date hazardous clean up, or up graded their aging existing pipelines. One method that the oil companies are using is transporting the crude oil by rail train. Which has had devastating consequences, to the environment and the people who live near the spills.
    One of the problems they are using older tankers, which in a derailment the crude oil is not being contained, and has the potential of catching on fire.
    In April, a 15-car derailment happened in Lynch-burg Virginia creating a massive fire, and spilled oil into the James River. The local fire departments do not possess the ability to fight these types of disasters. But yet we use railways to carry crude oil.
    In Aliceville Alabama, a train derailment spilled 2.7 million gallons of oil. The oil leaked into a major wetland. Igniting a fire that burned for two days.
    In Mayflower Arkansas, Exxon’s Pegasus Pipeline spilled thousands of Canadian crude oil into a neighborhood.
    In Pennsylvania, another train derailment carrying crude oil slammed in a business.


    Many farmers, ranchers, Indian tribes, environmental groups and private citizens are fighting to keep the keystone pipeline out of their communities. The myths connected with the Keystone pipeline. It will create jobs. We will be more oil independent and our gas prices will drop. This is not true. The pipeline will only create mostly temporary jobs. The tar sands are dirtier oil and cost more to refine and extract. This oil also produces a byproduct called Petroleum Coke-, which is high carbon-high sulfur content. The Pet Coke Company is the property of Charles and David Koch who are in the top ten for environmental polluters here in the U.S. They are one entity that is behind deregulating environmental protection and the closing of the EPA that Nixon put in place to try to protect the environment from abuses. The pipeline covers 1,179 miles from Canada to Port Arthur Texas.


    The other problem we are having is hydraulic fracking (know by fracking)
    Many states like Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming and Ohio are reporting drinking water and air contamination, near a fracking well. Once our drinking water is contaminated, it stays that way for a long time.


    A rancher had to leave immediately due to high concentration of Methane gas on his property. People showing their tap water and out door hoses catching on fire if you put a flame to it. Numerous people have become ill living near a fracking well.
    Another Alarming problem has been the increase in earthquakes where fracking has increased. States like Oklahoma, North central Texas, Kansas, and Ohio. Oklahoma alone this year has had over 300 earthquakes.


    The Bush administration exempted the oil and gas companies from the clean water act. The ones that are doing the most polluting of our environment and that oil has long lasting
    affects on the environment. This made a lot of sense. Not only do these rich oil companies take our tax dollars in the way of subsidies and get us at the pump. They don’t want to invest in up grading their aging infrastructure or investing in newer ways to clean up the oil that they spill. Some people believe that we will benefit from all this oil and gas production. Not so fast, the oil company Valero refineries in 2012 have already sold 9% it’s gasoline products to countries over seas. This is about the oil companies making money, not providing us with cheaper oil or independence. There is no guarantee that the U.S. consumer will benefit solely from this oil-producing boom, the consumer in the U.S. is at a higher risk for more oil spills and our country becoming contaminated and more people becoming sick.
    We must find ways to produce cleaner energy. That has a low impact on the people and the environment.





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