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    This Car Parks Itself, Seriously!

    The clever designers at Honda think of everything including a new Honda EV model that parks itself.
    Sure, there are plenty of vehicles on the market with parking assist features to help you navigate into tight spaces or parallel park like a pro but these are no comparison to the latest innovation from Honda.

    According to a recent story on CBS news, engineers at Honda are conducting tests in which their electric vehicle drives itself into a home carport. Once it has docked, it begins recharging the car battery with a wireless charging station. Apparently a human driver simply needs to get the car into the driveway. They then use a Smartphone to instruct the vehicle to drive itself into the garage, park and begin the recharging process. The Smartphone app compiles visual data from a series of cameras placed on the house, in the driveway and garage with electronic signals generated from the vehicle’s onboard computer.

    A top researcher for the Honda project reportedly said that in addition to efficient wireless recharging, the new self-parking car would be convenient for drivers who are not so good at parking. Although agreed, folks who cannot successfully navigate into their own garage do need help, it is worrisome to think of these individuals out on the road. Although this new Honda technology is indeed a stroke of engineering genius, perhaps people who find parking their cars a daunting task could invest some time and money in a few driving lessons first.
    To see the full lineup of new Honda models visit http://www.hosmerhonda.com, but please note these models would require you to park them all by yourself.
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