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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

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    Weight Loss Effciency

    Weight loss is a big deal. And so we talk about it... a lot. The next time you are talking about losing weight, you will probably find yourself asking questions like "How much did you lose?" and "How's your cholesterol?" But even more important, you will find yourself asking questions like "What did you do to lose that much weight?" and "Was it hard?"

    We might not know it, but what we are actually looking into here is the idea of Weight-Loss Efficiency. This is not the same as weight loss effectiveness. When something is effective, it simply provides the targeted results. When something is efficient, how results are reached are also factored in. For example, when we dig into the idea of efficiency in weight loss systems, we may ask-- Is the time, effort and money you put in proportionate to the results you achieved? Or did you put in more than what you got in return?

    If your goal is weight loss, starving yourself is probably effective. After all, one does tend to lose mass when not eating anything. However, there are also health costs through long-term detrimental effects that ultimately, make you come out the loser. In short: effective programs may get results, but efficient programs get results the right way, at the least cost.

    Different people find different ways of achieving their health goals efficiently. Virtual Trainer and renowned fitness expert Wesley Virgin, for example, states that a properly done, daily, 7-minute workout can have huge health returns even if the time investment is low.

    Wesley Virgin is also an advocate for the consumption of superfoods like Wheatgrass, Maca and Cacao, the benefits of which outweigh what it takes to consume them. Consider the example of Wheatgrass: one scoop is reportedly the equivalent of 5 servings of uncooked vegetables. Now that’s efficiency.

    These and other details of weight loss without the usual struggle can be found in his book “Changed: Secrets of the Fitness Industry."

    Efficiency is an intriguing idea for measuring the success of weight-loss activities, and something worth thinking about when considering programs to get into, or fitness gurus to follow.
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