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    Posted June 19, 2014 by
    Salt Lake City, Utah
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    Salt Lake VA jumps into piranha filled pool

    I was deployed with my Security Forces unit in 2011. After returning home and returning to work I started to have issues dealing with everything that was going on in my life. my estranged wife and I had decided to try and work things out. Things were so bad that it did not last very long before her and my 18 year old daughter (from a previous relationship) had pulled themselves away from me and did not want to be around. In 2012 I was diagnosed with PTSD, Severe Anxiety and Hyper sensitivity disorder from Iraq. Later in 2012 I was diagnosed with diabetes. I started to receive treatment for both and applied for an accomadation with the VA at the beginning of 2013 because with my conditions it was becoming too hard to handle the stress. My Accomadation was denied, so then I put in a request to a change of job. During this time I met a wonderful and beautiful woman who accepted me for who I am and who I wanted to become. After some time of waiting for the VA to find me a new job, I applied for a disability retirement which was the next step in the process. I was told it would be approximately 6 months before I had the decision from OPM. While waiting my son was conceived and born and I married the best woman in the world. So here we are at the beginning of 2014 and I have been fighting with the VA's Human Resources department because they have not sent in my Disability packet. Their claim is that there is not enough evidence to support my claim although my providers have been working with them tirelessly to get them all the info to ensure my disability goes through. No matter what human resources has or what documentation they are given, they still refuse to send in my packet. Also at this time, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Sleep Apnea and Hearing Loss has been added to my list of disabilities. So here I am sitting in VA Police Dispatch, which is a small cubicle without very good ventilation, no view of the outside, 4 large camera monitors full of video, a computer to do my paperwork and a workload that takes up 2 hours out of my 12 hour shift. I know what your thinking, it's the perfect place for a high strung, extrememly tired, constantly running to the bathroom person with PTSD to be right? Exactly. My mind races because I do not have enough to do and I think about all my problems. And the VA doesnt seem to care that this position I am sitting in is actually aggravating my disabilities even more and making me depressed. So now it is June 2014 and I am still fighting with human resources about my disability and another suprise I received is a proposed reprimand where the punishment will be decided by the director's office. YAY. After receiving the reprimand proposal and the evidence, come to fins out that they took 3 separate incidents and turned them into 8 charges against me. Doubling up the charges to hit me with more. For one incident I am receiving 2 charges of not putting officers down for patrols even though they didnt do them (and I have the evidence to prove it). Last time I looked that was called falsifying government documents. But who cares, other VA facilities like Phoenix can falsify documents so why cant we right? Another charge for losing my temper with an officer that proceeded to question me about putting the patrols in the paperwork even though he is the one who didnt do them. Well gee, lets take a couped up individual with lack of sleep, bathroom issues and PTSD and throw some stress his way- ya he might lose his temper, and say some swear words......but instead of take him out of the environment that is making him worse, lets reprimand him for losing his temper even though he didnt start the issue. Oh, did I mention that no one wants to help me fix these problems and I cant afford a lawyer. Well, I think we have covered enough about the VA today. But I am sure we will see more about the VA considering that they like the spotlight. If CNN or other news agency would like to help run my story alot further I would appreciate it, I do have all documentation and evidence required to prove that the Salt Lake VA is writing me up for NOT falsifying government documents, putting me in stressful situations and refusing to let OPM do their job and decide on my disability. Thanks.
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