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    Top Traits of Taurus


    Taurus Born are the people born on or in between 21 April to 21 May and possess the zodiac symbol of Bull. Taureans are infamous for their determination and focus power that simply cannot be distracted! Taurians have their signature element as Earth for their firm decision making skills. The second zodiac symbol concentrates on the rewards. The necessities that a Taurus demands are good level of working, food and music. Also, they are ideal for their ‘eye for beauty’. Let’s check some top Taurus traits.

    1) Prosperity
    Taureans have their key planet as Venus and hence have an affinity towards wealth. They are deeply opportunistic and clever in every approach to things in life. Also, their charm and fascination drives them to insurmountable success in wealth and life. Venus brings them beauty, love, wealth and happiness. Their diplomacy takes them par the weaknesses of oratory skills.

    2) Determination
    Determination is the key attitude of Taureans regarding everything. Once they have desired and set the focus on something, their perseverance and ironclad determination bring their goals closer to them! They never get detoured or distracted and keeps their focus locked intact to reach the goal alongside strongest of will power.

    3) Romantic
    As Venus is the key planet of Taurians; their focus is on the materialistic aspects of life, that is beauty, wealth and love. Their natures have a superior bias towards settling down with their love and are extremely romantic people. Their sentiments value the subtle pleasures of romance and love more than other benefits.

    4) Clever
    They are sensible people who are clever and wise in their stance and rarely tend to befriend people outside their status clan. They keep a distance with all people and never share any weaknesses or negative aspects of them. They appear to be loyal socially and cover their dirty prints wisely without causing a social alert. Their cautiousness and calculative efforts keep them prosper further more.

    5) Patient
    Innately placid, Taurians are never the ones who lose their temper in anger. They have little or no angry stances and are the least impulsive of the people. Although, they display a worse anger when they are roused par the limit, akin to a bull. Taurians are assertive and dictating in their tone as well.

    6) Practical
    Taurians are not the ones who fly in the lands of Alladin on the magic carpet. The practical approach for life of Taurians gets them towards the right calculations of fortune. More than the intellectuality to boast of, taurians are extremely pragmatic and don’t jump to conclusions, owing to their wisdom and cleverness.

    7) Independent
    On every stance of life, Taurians have an outlook of independence that goes into direct efficiency and never look for another hand to resort for help, than their own. Independence of Taurians account for their stubbornness and determined conviction about life as well.

    8) Artistic
    Taurians are extremely artistic people who have an inborn creativity and innovations. Whatever they take part in, dance, paint, drama or any part of art Taurians have an innate aesthetic sense for everything. Apart from the pleasure of conviction, taurians take into the subtler realities of life and attain a charm from their stunning talents of artistic creativity.

    9) Possessive
    The major negative trait of Taurus, possession is undue and unlimited for them. They are extremely possessive in the affairs of romance, love, relationships and business as well. Although, they are not jealous, the trait of possessing and believing everything as their own personal property is indisputably big for taurians.

    10) Frugal
    Frugality is also one of the fine negative traits that coax the Taurians sometimes into an infinite intensity of miserly attitude. Their practical mindsets and wisdom sometime overpowers them to transform into big-time misers.
    Taurus features the face and throat of Kaal Purusha owing to its symbol of Bull.


    Author Bio: Neeraj Gupta works as a blogger at Factsvita. Besides writing, he loves to travel around the globe.

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