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    Acting is a difficult profession that requires tremendous dedication and sacrifice. Angela Doval, a young Spanish actress is a clear example of that. In this interview Angela tells me about her career, ambitions, and thoughts on film.


    1) When did you realize you wanted to become an actress?


    I was at home with a friend of mine, I remember that we were having our lunch and then my mom asked me "what would you like to become when you grow up?" I told her I want to become an actress. That was the first time I realized I wanted to be an actress, it has always been my passion, and my life. I cannot understand my existence without performing. Performing is the reason why I wake up every day.


    2) Who would you say were your biggest influences?


    My Drama teacher when at school, he influenced me with his passion for acting (stage and screen). I have always wanted to work with Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, who is one of the best American actresses in my view. Those are some major mainstream influences. I would be grateful if I could have the chance to work with Alejandro Amenábar, Ridley Scott, Coppola, Woody Allen, Isabel Coixet, and Spielberg among others.


    3) Do you prefer stage or film?


    I like both stage and screen but I have to tell you that what I enjoy the most is feeling the warmth of the audience and seeing how they react with their emotions when I am performing on stage. I have to say that work for screen has something that's is unique, magic that only the camera is able to capture, inner feelings that you cannot show in stage. In the end I must say I love both, it's hard to chose just one.

    4) Do you think that short films have a greater significance in the European market than any other market?


    I think that shorts films have a great exposure in the European market in some European Film Festival like “Cannes”, “Berlinale”… moreover, there are great sources such as “Media Programme” that help promote and co-financequality short projects through Europe and finally offer an extensive range of workshops. Another source is the “Crowd funding” well established through Europe and in Ireland it is very common this method of funding, apart from private institutions that can offer aids for development of projects, and distribution.


    5) Do you feel that shorts will eventually become commercially viable?


    I think film production companies & distributors should make a compromise, an arrangement in order to commercially exploit all of them not just a few. Sometimes it is a pity because there are a lot of shorts that do not have the opportunity to get into festival or even have a film screening and have a superb quality, that's my position on it anyway.

    6) As an actress, do you feel that short film provides you with the opportunity to really improve your range?


    I am  shooting short films almost every week so I believe the more you shoot the more you improve your range. Yes, absolutely I think you can improve your range with short films, as I said before it is the first stage before you work in a feature film. It is the perfect way to develop and improve your skills.


    7) What would you say is your favorite genre when performing?
    My favorite genres are drama, comedy; I am not a huge fan of Horror, but to be honest since I made “Revenge from the Other Realm”, I have been enjoying playing horror roles. I am keen on action films that include stage combat, fencing, and martial arts.


    8) Do you feel that shorts are a great way to prepare for feature length films as an actress?


    They are the first step before you get a role in a feature film. I think it is a great way to build your craft and develop your acting skills.

    9) What would you like to do most as far as acting goes?


    Great question! I started my acting career 10 years ago when I was living in Spain. I have been living in Ireland for nearly a year where I am trying to break into The Irish Film Industry. I have to tell you that since I moved from Naas to Dublin, I have been shooting 8 Short Films for 4 weeks, 7 as an actress and the other one as production Assistant. My next step is establish myself within the Irish film industry. I would like to work some top filmmakers based in Dublin such as amazing Spanish Filmmaker, Paco Torres. Later on I want to work with Julian Lara (LA), Francisco Luppini (NYC), Ron Di Primo(New Jersey), Paula Roman (NYC). I want to eventually project internationally, in NYC, LA, that's always been a dream and my ultimate goal in terms of acting. I mean, culminate my acting career being first of all in NYC and finally LA. On the other hand, I would like to become a stuntwoman, because I am good at performing Stage Combat, doing fencing and I am keen on martial arts so I think that would be wonderful for my professional acting career in order to distinguish myself from other actresses. This is my strong point and that can give me a lot of work as an actress.


    10) Closing thoughts?


    I am trying to work in some Irish TV Series such as “Vikings”, “Game of Thrones."Let’s see what happens! Fingers crossed It is sad say this, but Dublin is giving me more opportunities as an actress than Spain; However, in Spain I had the opportunity to make my first feature film “Revenge From The Other Realm” working as a Lead actress thanks to Daniel Piniella, the Filmmaker. I plan to keep working hard in order to achieve my goals, my dreams and I am pretty sure I will reach all of them. I want to make acting my professional life. Thank you very much for your time I really appreciate it. Thank you very much Ric, for this interview, I have really enjoyed it.

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