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    U.S. National Anthem for Russian Speaking Fellows - The Star Spangled Banner


    By Francis Scott Key 1814.

    It is worth to recall to get the pathos of the language of 1814. "The Star-Spangled Banner” is the national anthem of the United States (1). It was written by Francis Scott Key, then called for a duty as negotiator, after one of the critical battle in the War of 1812 ... On or about September 14, 1814 during the twenty-five hours, British gunboats shelled the American Fort McHenry, guarding Baltimore and its shore ... FSK got inspired by this sight of the American flag which had survived the fort bombing and commemorated that fact in the poem-to-be the future national anthem.


    FSK was a lawyer and amateur poet so his work was done to suitable tune of the popular British song “To Anacreon in Heaven.” The meaning (2) of latter is explained for easy: "Freedom of expression and tolerance are foundational principles; without them, America is not America. Anacreon would probably drink to that". So we shall do - America's the beautiful!


    Foreword of Translator for his Russian version


    Yap, I am proudly reporting of my job well done. But just mysteriously my work was completed on of The Flag Day' 2014, and even more, in dedication of my 10th U.S. anniversary, which fall on June 17, however on or about two weeks before July Forth. Wow!


    I believe that this translation into Russian was finally influenced by two events of different values: by my in fact first official ceremony participation, where the anthem is traditionally scheduled - my next graduation (2014), and by current temporary struggles between two world leaders and competitors, aka Ukrainian political crisis. In regard latter I did a lot of my singing translations* to move those in power for their reasonable reconsideration and higher liability for the world unrest.


    Well, as of June 12, 2014, the college musical department student has sung this United States National Anthem. Performance was so great that ... one by one faculties could forget that there was not already a class room rehearsal, but a true call, kind of, and started to place their right hands on the place to be .., maybe, they just had an opportunity to glance at me (joke)


    Sure, in my singing only interpretation I did all my best to keep the brave rhetoric of 1814, that was not easy, after several generations. So I have used adequate Russian words in my modest attempt to enrich true values of the work and anthem. Honestly, I have translated this anthem with the whole respect, but very quickly.


    So we have an opportunity to smile with relief, Fellows, why not? Really, the only stuck I got with those foreign legionnaires ("hirelings"), wondering are they were truly for Amercans or what? So those guys blocked whole item 3.3. of verse (it was numbered by me for technical purposes and convenience - this way I solved that strategic clue making performance deliberately difficult for newcomers). Finally, another Californian, humorist Richard Armour (It all Started with Columbus) had attempted to explain that to me, but got distracted in his turn by that Lincoln's deal with slaves. Hence I was destined to continue the verse debris investigation on my own and as such you are now doomed to read it as that was happened. The only help came with Armour's words: "Done.  Complete.  Explained. Hope this has helped." I hope so.

    My finding to withstand against "hirelings" and got explanation I looked for says: "War is Fear cloaked in courage" - Gen. Westmoreland) .


    «Знамя, усыпанное звёздами») — государственный гимн Соединённых Штатов Америки.





    О, скажи, видишь ли

    Утром в ранний рассвет,

    Реет флаг восславленный гордо

    Пред закатом - в солнца лучах?



    Чьих полос и ярких звёзд

    Так галантно флаг реял

    По-над валом крепостным

    Там где шёл опасный бой?



    И ракеты блик красный

    Взрывы в небе войны

    Подтверждали ночью нам

    Флаг удержан в бою



    О, скажи, что всё также

    Реет знамя звёзд и полос

    Над свободной страной -

    Домом бравых парней?






    Там над гаванью, виден едва

    Сквозь туман при земле

    Где надменного врага войска

    В тихом страхе все лежат



    Что это там, под бризом

    В возвышении холма

    Раскрываемый ветром

    Опять виден всегда?



    Вот сейчас разгораясь

    В первом утра луче

    Отражённый во всей славе

    Воссиял он в красе:



    Это знамя из звёзд и полос

    Будет реять всегда

    Над свободной страной -

    Домом бравых парней!






    Ну так где тот "оркестр"

    Что бахвально клялся

    В том что хаос войны

    Это битв всех смятение



    Родной дом и страна

    Не оставят ведь нас

    Кровью противника смыта

    Грязь их собственных следов



    Нет - солдату удачи

    Нет спасенья нигде

    Ни от страха побега

    Ни от места в земле



    Это знамя из звёзд и полос

    Реет здесь во триумф

    Над свободной страной -

    Домом бравых парней!






    О, поэтому быть всего прежде

    Чтоб свободные люди стояли

    За любимых, дома и сады

    Против слёз и разрухи войны



    Благословенны с победой и миром

    Может небо землю спасло

    Так цени же ту силу что крепит

    Нас как нацию и как народ



    Превзойти мы должны

    Bсегда если мы правы

    Наша вера есть в Бога

    И таков уж наш девиз



    Это знамя из звёзд и полос

    Во триумф должно реять

    Над свободной страной -

    Домом бравых парней!


    By BORIS K'ZORIN, the another last romantic ©, Los Angeles, CA 2014






    1 - The Citizen's Almanac by USCIS
    2 - shmoop.com/the-star-spangled-banner/meaning.html

    3 - See YouTube Video "U.S. National Anthem for Russian-Speaking Fellows"

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