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    Posted June 20, 2014 by
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    Who taught you to love food?

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    When a new way of eating becomes a new way of life!


    If you take a look at my other articles, everything I talk about (mostly) is about food. Or food additives which lead me to being a foodie. I lost all the weight because I don't eat out. I cook at home (with my wife) We actually eat quite well considering the cost of food these days.


    Mostly what I have done didn't change the way I eat, it changed the way I live.


    And it has made me change the idea and the role the kitchen has in our lives and right now.... with the exception of those people who can afford it.... our kitchens pretty much suck in a bad way!


    I have come to believe that the kitchen while it currently is not, should be the most important room in every home.


    The kitchen should be the heart and soul of a home.It used to be that way when I was young, But things have changed and overall it's not in a good way.


    I would like to see the kitchen be the center of every home.


    When you cook.... you do it with love (or maybe you shouldn't be cooking, I'm just saying)


    Most of the time, when I cook it takes much longer than it has to simply because my kitchen is horrendous. You really can't call it a kitchen, it's more like a kitchenette on steroids. What I mean is that it's so small that by the time you equip your kitchen with everything you need to have a decent place where you can be creative.... you have no room to work.


    Designing a kitchen should be done with thoughtful care and attention to details that normally would be over looked.


    I think all kitchens should me made so that you could literally hose it down and not worry about destroying the walls, floor, ceiling, etc.


    I worked at a gas station and the bathroom was my job..... it was so bad that the only way to clean it was to hose it down with hot water. Nothing else could even come close to handling that disgusting task.


    Ultimately I can attribute my affinity for cooking to my mother and to the necessity to survive the onslaught of toxic chemicals that almost killed me.


    My ireport stories are about the cause of autism, the cause of alzheimers, the cause of this and the cause of that.


    My profile photograph can attest to the fact that I know a little something about nutrition and I think I know a little something about food. Some things most of you don't know.


    I hope that my articles help somebody change their lives. I don't want to enjoy this success on my own, I'd really like others to come along with me and see what you can do by simply giving up on McDonalds, Wendy's Tacobell and the rest of the restaurants including Tuesdays, Fridays and any other day of the week.


    Everybody is using something that contains deadly toxic chemical additives and currently at this juncture... restaurant is not safe.


    I wont eat any of it unless I know it's safe for me and my family.


    I don't care if not eating at restaurants causes them to go out of business, I mean after all the damage and problems that have been caused by all the chemical additives for the past 150 years..... There are people who's DNA has been permanently damaged by the additives and others.... like my wife' grandmother are already in their grave from what many years of consuming these deadly toxic carcinogenic additives did to them. I guarantee you that somebody in your family died because of what the additives did to them.


    You might think that saying so many different ailments, disorders and problems are caused by the additives but the fact is.... It's the only thing that we all have in common. Otherwise each of us is as different from the other than nothing else fits, or makes enough sense to take the blame for so many different problems.


    Autoimmune diseases... doctors have no idea what causes them... But after taking a look at the list of autoimmune diseases and their symptoms.... Because of what I did with trial and error (searching out what we could and could not eat) I learned a great deal about what the additives did to me and to my wife. We both experienced the same issues and today when we accidentally consume an additive and have a reaction.... We still have the same problems returning after not having any issues for weeks, or months.


    It's all about the stuff we are all eating. If eating at a fast food restaurant makes me sick... it's certainly doing the same thing to you, but the difference is... now that I don't eat any additive junk.... I don't have additives in me and when I get something it's accidental in that I try to select things that are free of additives at all times, but somethings the labels are inaccurate, or they're lying?


    It's scary to think that there's nothing safe to eat.


    One issue I have with corporations, or companies who do these things it's from their ignorance.


    If you use margarine in the pan when you're baking bread.... than every ingredient on that list should be included on the ingredients list for that product.


    I get caught by breads because I think it's safe but they didn't think that using a margarine type cooking spray on the pans shouldn't be included on the label. So I dont buy any.


    I hold out until I can get to the organic store and get bread that I know is safe.


    Making an informed decision based on properly labeling is so important to me now. Now more than ever.


    I've been eating Risotto for several years now and my wife has been making it, I made it for the first time the other evening (Gordon Ramsays Tomato, Basil, Mushroom Risotto recipe) It was amazingly good and I did it. Gordon would have been proud. :)


    The thing I guess that has been forgotten is that you can make anything you can buy in the store.


    Stores have things on their shelves that have chemicals in them to extend the products shelf life. The thinking is to add the preservatives to extend the shelf life, or to keep the product from going bad..... The problem is.... the stuff they're using to preserve their product makes it bad from the git go.


    Who's idea was it to use petroleum based coal tar for food dye? I'm pretty certain that they know chemistry and know that "petroleum based coal tar is not compatible with the human body" right? Formaldehyde is good for the body.... when your body is not alive anymore. Otherwise formaldehyde is bad, it's deadly, it's carcinogenic it's toxic and it's the primary component in the cause of autism.


    I really wish someone would take me up on my offer to prove that the additives are the cause of autism and all the behavioral disorders because then we could finally put this to rest.


    Everybody keeps saying... "where's your proof"


    Nobody will accept a challenge to debate any of this... because the facts cannot be disputed all toxic chemical based additives are in fact toxic and both chemically and physically incompatible with the human body.


    All the additives are toxic and poisonous and subsequently deadly for you, for your children, your families, friends, enemies... every one!


    Why are so many people sick all the time?


    Because their immune systems have been compromised!


    Why has their immune system been compromised?


    Because Toxic chemical additives have broken down and robbed the body of important nutritional components that keep the immune system strong and hearty.


    EDTA is used in hospital for chelation therapy, that's how they treat lead and heavy metal poisoning.


    I think that the daily consumption of EDTA has actually chelated the important minerals from every body, leaving them wide open for illness because those minerals, iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, etc.... aren't they like an important of the immune system?


    So what happens when we are without them?




    Who really taught me to love food?
    Good food?!?!


    The bad people who tainted the foods I once ate, the foods that almost put me into my early grave, they taught me to never trust any of them. That if one product from them is bad... they all must be bad.... so I wont buy any of them!


    And neither should you!

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