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    Jay Servidio A Look Back


    As I sip the first    cup of coffee of the day I am entrenched in thought. Today is going to be a tense day. 730 am June 21 2014. Today is the biggest full contact bare knuckle karate tournament in this country. Its held annually at Hunter College in NYC. I am trying to be retrospective in my writing about the last 20 years.

    Since I, Jay Servidio started Teleteria I have gotten married and divorced, trained    for my first, second, and third degree blackbelts, gotten remarried, had 4 kids and 5 dogs, traveled, had various surgeries for injuries, opened a karate school, celebrated 23 years of sobriety, opened up several other businesses, made millions of dollars trained and fought in 12 bare knuckle karate tournaments, won 3 championships. I tried to write that in one thought so things might have been left out. Vegas would be one that I left out. Lets just say I did Vegas. I did it correct and I did it often. I have more then my share of Vegas stories.

    They say I am an internet pioneer. I started in 1994. Teleteria   was the first to offer custom adult website packages. We are surely the only ones recognized by the BBB with an A rating. Were the only one to have any real press. The Wall Street Journal wrote a front page article about a company that hired me to consult for them.We were here first and we did it best we could. There were no road maps, no person with grey hair telling me how they drove traffic online in his day. Everyday we tried one thing after another. Made tons of huge mistakes but we didnt give us. Thats the problem with people who come into this business, they give up. I think thats where the training really came in for me. Training for these tournaments is brutal if not olympian. Its 6 days a week of long and short distance running, stairmaster, weights, kettles, pad work, rounds on the heavy bag and bare knuckle fighting. The conditioning is extreme. The shins have to be conditioned to severly damage your opponent when thrrowing the low kick into the thigh. The hands have to be turned to stone to cause massive damage on those upper cut and hook punches    into the lower center and side of the stomach. On and on. Some breathe through    small tubes when doing cardio to condition lungs to work harder when pressed.


    Stamina and endurance are the goals of this type of training. Some run    with backpacks filled with 50 pound weights. There are a million different training methods to use. This is a culmination of years of training to be able to compete at this level. For me I was fortunate to start training when I did. I started in 1977. I was able to meet and train with the first masters and teachers who were sent here from Japan. I was there at the first knockdown tournament held in the US. I will be there today.


    I have to say that this training was probably the biggest reason I was able to start and run Teleteria. It gave me the confidence to try something I knew nothing about leanrn about it and grow.


    Honestly when I go to these tournaments now all I feel is fat and old.    I wallow in self pity as I watch the younger guys fight like tigers. I miss    the days when I could be counted among them. Even in the VIP seating section I have to put away those crappy feelings while cheering on the fighters.


    I am much better at looking back then forward. I had no idea Teleteria    would be as successful as it is. I have no idea what the next 20 years will    bring. We will keep doing what we do which is to produce the most attractive    site packages known to man. When you hear the phrase 'known to man' dont you think of Rick from In Cold Blood while introducing Staff Sgt John James Agail talks briefly about the SEAL CRT training in G I JANE?


    Anyway I digress.Thanks

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