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    International Burden, Haiti's National policy.


    In the words of Malcolm X , " The Media is the most powerful entity on the planet. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and the guilty innocent,and that is power!!!, Because they control the masses"... In a recent article by one of Haiti's most important newspapers, Le Nouverlliste , the Haitian Elite describe Haiti's economic policy to follow, in order to keep the economic policy of service and their lifestyle, Haiti will send out 50,000 to 200,000 Haitians to other countries in the regent annually in order to save Haiti from imploding into chaos and violence due to the lack of services, jobs, resources that Haiti have to offer an ever growing population with no natal control what so ever.


    This policy of being a burden to the neighbor is felt with all it weight in the Dominican Republic , who is being forced to take Billions of Dollars annually just to keep up with the endless demand of the growing population on the Island . In some hospitals in the DR , 2 out of 3 births belong to Illegal Haitians women, who go there to give birth thanks to the free health care, open border policy of the Dominican Government and zero deportation for 18 months , a policy which goes against the wishes of 90% of the Dominican population, who is constantly bombarded by the local media with propaganda of Brotherhood of the Nations and humanitarian reasons to receive every Haitian in their schools , hospitals and jobs. recently the media have reported on the many new school built by the Government that are nt being enought for the overwhelming amount of  " new" students coming from Haiti, these haitians students are taken in by buses by Haitian non profit groups the days of inscription, which is leaving up to 300 Dominican children out of Public school in just one neighborhood ,prompting anger in Dominican parents who now have to pay to send their children to private school or miss a year of education.


    The media also include the common articles against Nationalism and border control, comparing Dominicans who are worry to racist xenophobics . Due to the overwhelming support against Haitian immigration , Dominican Delegate , Vinicio Castillo have propose a Border plan to build, up to 8 modern Towns, such as Boca de cachon, with jobs, roads, schools a highway from north to south, this plan include infrastructure to develop Tourism in the South and of course Border wall of more than 300 kilometers, to protect the DR, from illegal immigration, criminals, drug traffickers, and crimes. But right after the proposal , some in the Dominican media jumped on this story calling Him and his family Racist, xenophobic, and the wall total Anachronism, in an attend to change the people's opinions on the Haitian chaos, The proposal of Mister Castillo have been advertise as a hateful, racist waste of US$350,000,000 dollars on a wall that anyone can jump, Nothing is said about the rest of the project included in the proposal , like Modern Towns , tourism, and highways... But what make this story more interesting is that it was the Haitians authorities that months ago started building a 17 kilometers long WALL with the DR without even sending the Dominican Embassy in Haiti an e-mail about it, showing total lack of Diplomacy and Respect for their neighbors, Neighbors that have spent millions helping them after the earthquake, opening their hospitals and schools to Haitian in need for years, To the construction of this Haitian Wall, most in the government control Dominican Media saw it as something GOOD , great to help the Haitians control their Business and collect taxes, the wall was welcomed, by the same Media people , who today are calling the Proposal by Mister Castillo as a racist useless idea... Another example of the media control , double standard, and power , since a real border with Haiti, well controlled would be a disaster to the Elite who are making Millions out of the Chaos in the Border. .

    Haiti's policy of being a burden to all its neighbor in the Caribbean not only affect the DR, but The Bahamas, Jamaica , US and many others, but of course DR carry the heavy weight, Both the Haitian authorities and the Dominican authorities have become Masters at their trade...on one side the Haitians are undisputed master of acting as victims of The Dominican Republic, France, US and anything even the UN to gain their annual Donations of Millions of Dollars , access to DR hospitals and school and now Dominican Documents ... In the other hand the Dominican elite are masters at acting as "Humanitarians" in front of the World , when in reality ,both are working together, for the Haitian elite is great to have in the Dominican elite and politics people so greedy and heartless that hide their love of cheap labor and Billion Dollars Construction contracts in Haiti behind the mask of Humanitarians and brotherly love , even when they are causing massive poverty in the DR , exposing the Dominicans to crimes, violence , deceases, deforestation practices imported from Haiti and of course future ethnic violence with Haitians and invasion by UN soldiers to " control the violence"

    At the same time, the same people in both countries play games with the life of millions, In Haiti the elite continues to spread Hate against the DR , the recent article by Le Nouvelliste " Dominican Republic: Land of humilliation" describe a country of total racist where Haitians suffer the worst crimes ever seen since 1994 in Rhuanda, This articles help build hate and distrust, hiding the real problems the illegal immigration of Millions of Haitians are causing in the Dominican Republic  with a fake case of racism and hate, Constant articles in newspapers all around Europe, Canada, US, Mexico , South America, paid in part by Haitian groups and Haitian Government to show a very negative image of the Dominican Republic is a tactic being used since the 90's to humiliate and demoralize the DR into giving more and more jobs, services and even Documents to illegal Haitians as part of the Haitian practice of getting their people out of Haiti instead of fixing Haiti's problems. The campaign against the DR is well planned from outside the Island , tactics straight out of the work of Gene Sharp  of non-violent ways to destroy government or change societies by the uses of tactics and playing the victim to make the other side as inhuman, wrong, evil, and ilegal .


    Recently the DR have started to organized the legal status of the Illegal in the DR, out of 30,000 only 100 met the requirement due to the fact that Haitians DO NOT HAVE HAITIANS BIRTH CERTIFICATES... More than 8 millions Haitians in Haiti are STATELESS, can not vote, can not travel. according to the pro-haitians newspaper ACENTO .com.do,  80% of all Haitians in Haiti do not have birth certificate .... Haiti live in total violation of Human rights a modern state in the Americas that keep it people in a state of Apartheid, Millions of adult kept out of the voting booth, on purpose by the Haitian elite, and yet the UN , USA, Canada, UE, and CARICOM  and Latin America act as if they do not see anything wrong with this, as if No crime is being committee and No violation of Human rights,


    To add Insult to injury, The Haitian government campaign agaisnt the DR with the great help of the  UN, Caricom and other Nations  are demanding that , the Dominicans  GIVE DOMINICAN DOCUMENTS to the illegal Haitians instead of the Haitian government GIVING IT T THEIR PEOPLE, recently the UN ask the DR to document any Haitian that say that they were born in the DR and does not appear in any Dominican registry as " DOMINICANS" even when they do not speak any Spanish , .TO MAKE SURE that the Dominican Republic comply with the demands, recently The Secretary general of the United Nation, Ban Ki Moon,  US vice Presidente Job Biden and President of the European Union , Herman  Van Rompuy came to the DR to put Pressure on the Dominican Republic's President . Danilo Medina, a man that with his body language alone , in the world of international diplomacy send the message of  ..easy prey!!!. His lack of action to defend the Nation against this threat of misery , poverty, deforestation , false identity  and his williness to please the International Community have left most Dominicans speechless, which in return the Media controlled by the elite have put in place a propaganda machine of overwhelming support to their President , calling him the best in Latin america, and loved by all Dominicans, sentiments not shared by most .


    An unprecedented and even immoral request that, No President , with common sense would agreed to,  like many presidents of latin America did back in the 90's when they refused to accept the plans of the USA  to build many  Haitians refugee camps in Venezuela, Costa Rica, Colombia , DR  and all of those presidents said...NO WAY... An example of that the burden of illegal migrants , The United State have denied documents to thousand of illegal children who came along or their parent can not be found, The US in all it legal right as a responsible Nation have decided to respect it laws and Protect the Coffers of its people against the burden of illegal immigration, The United State understand that the Countries where these children come from ARE RESPONSIBLE for the well being of them and not the responsibilities of the US tax payer, The request of the UN have left most Dominican speechless, to document any Haitian as Dominican, which will mean the end of the Dominican Republic, making the Dominicans foreigners in their own country in less than 2 decades.


    The conflict in the Hispanola will continue, as long as both elites continue to be irresponsible, greedy and hateful, On one side the United Nation ,US , OEA , Europe and CARICOM only recognized one functioning country on that Island as the DR and direct all their demands and responsibilities to the Dominicans for the safety of all, Dominicans or Haitians ( Now called Afro-Dominicans by Haitians None profit groups demanding Dominican Documents )... and on the other side of the Island is Haiti.... The island's department of complaint , no plans, no policies, no organization, no responsibility , just a long list of demand and complaints against  the DR, US, UN and France

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