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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

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    Morehouse Alum Delivers You From Flab To Fab


    Tell us a little about Olajawuan Gooch, and who you are?


    "I am OLAJAWAUN “O” GOOCH, CPT, NASM - CPT,PES is a graduate of Morehouse College (Business administration major with a concentration in finance) and is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In a nutshell, I have a strong passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. Whenever he’s not training he enjoys cooking, drawing, sports, audio engineering, and spending time with family and friends."


    Tell us a little about Otrain Fitness?


    "OTrain Fitness was started in March of 2013, OTrain Fitness is the only route to fitness success. ”The name was actually created by one of my clients and I took it and ran with it. I thought the name was perfect for the message I wanted to deliver as it pertains to health and fitness. Health and Fitness is a life long journey and what better way to start this journey than on the "OTrain."


    How did it all get started? And how long have you been in business for?
    “Well OTrain Fitness was in the making before I even knew it was. I was just trying to work to pay for travel expenses as I worked out for different professional football teams. The only job I was able to get at the time was as a trainer at LA Fitness. I quickly filled my schedule with a variety of clients and eventually became the best trainer there. LA Fitness was a great starting point where my passion for fitness really grew from an internal to an external passion. I not only wanted to be great in fitness I wanted everyone I trained to be great. Now here I am today. Changing lives and loving it!!!”


    What makes your company and fitness program better than all other programs out there?
    “I like to take a real life approach to fitness. It’s simple, just work hard and eat right. I teach clients how to be successful with and without me. No magic pills or shake diets. Nothing is better than good old fashion hard work and self-determination.”


    What is your diet like? And what type of diet do you recommend to your clients?
    "I follow the standard six meals a day (3 meals and 3 snacks). Of course I can’t do this all the time but I try to eat healthy at least 80% of the time. I eat a lot of green veggies, fruit, complex carbs and lean protein. I recommend the same type of diet to my clients, not only because it works, but it allows them to eat and still lose weight.”


    What is a normal day like for the master fitness trainer Olajawaun Gooch?
    “A normal day for me usually starts at 5am where I wake up eat breakfast and get my day started. I usually start training clients from about 6am to about 1030am and then I break between until about 4pm. During this break I might take a nap, do some marketing, watch a lot of ESPN, get my workout in and/or study. Sometimes I usually do all of those things during that break. Then it’s back to training from 4pm to 745pm. Once I am done training for the day I come home, eat and then relax as I get prepared to go to bed. Simple day for me, nothing major.”


    What inspires you to do what you do?
    “Seeing people smile. To know that I have touched someone’s life in a positive manor is what drives me. My mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of others through exceptional personal training today, so that you can live a better life tomorrow.”


    Can you tell us more about your current "From Flab To Fab" fitness contest?
    “This contest was created for everyone that was not able to train with me personally. I wanted to be able to deliver my services to everyone in the world, so I packaged my program up and put it online. The program has the best combination of exercises and workouts geared to hit core, cardio and strength. Making sure you maximize muscle building and fat burning simultaneously. The transformation contest actually started June 16, 2014 but if anyone wants to purchase the program they still can, available at www.otrainfitness.trainerize.com.”


    What can people expect to gain from joining your contest?
    “With commitment and dedication the sky's the limit for participants. They can expect to gain a better quality of life coupled with a lot of energy, weight loss, muscle gain and a new look! Also a chance to win a $300 grand prize!!!


    What can the person reading this article do to join the contest?
    “To join the program all you have to do is go to www.otrainfitness.trainerize.com. Go to the Plans section of the website and click the payola link. Ill handle the rest. If anyone misses this challenge there will be more!!!!”


    What's next for Olajawaun Gooch following this awesome contest?
    "I will continue my everyday routine, but I will definitely be creating a part 2 for this contest, as well as other online programs. I just want to deliver my services to that person who is serious about changing their life but has struggled to do so.


    How can people stay in touch with you?
    "They can find me on instagram @otrainfit and facebook.com/otrainfitness. They can also email me at o@otrainfitness.com or info@otrainfitness.com."


    What's the one thing you want to tell everybody reading this article?
    “Every journey in life will either be as simple as you make it or as hard as you make it. Change your mind, change your life. It starts with you!”


    Thank you Olajuwaun.
    “You’re welcome.”

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