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    Ukraine unrest

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    June 22: mercenaries tasked ethnic cleansing Russian Ukraine

    June 22: mercenaries tasked ethnic cleansing Russian UkraineWashington realized that time is on the side of Russia. So for the next two or three days event you can make a radical change in the development of Ukrainian conflict. In Washington, convinced that in this way they will be able to force Russia to intervene.Poroshenko received the recommendation to strengthen the peace-loving rhetoric ceasefire, while stationed in Hungarian Debrecen and Miskolc Russian-speaking mercenaries PMC «Academi» alerted to the nomination.Starting from June 20, the highest activity is observed in Miskolc. Weapons and equipment add up to trucks, half of which - the army, and the second - civil. At any time, can still be seen from 60 to 80 cars under load.Also preparing for railway rolling stock. We are talking about moving to the South-East of Ukraine about ten thousand well-equipped fighters, not counting the staff headquarters and software. They were issued uniforms Ukrainian (it is possible that also Russian) sample. My sources have transferred the contents of the resulting PMC staff briefing.Before them the task to begin full-scale ethnic cleansing of the Russian-speaking population. Details are given below. Please take into account that I have used to use terms such as "fascists", "genocide" or "ethnic cleansing" in the figurative sense, either as invective.Since the beginning of the ethnic cleansing American propaganda machine starts campaign lip service to the European public. Will be announced that the massacres committed by separatists supported by Russia. The goal is not to convince the Western public that this is indeed so. Enough to sow doubt and cause confusion.Operation planned so poorly oriented to the situation in the Western media representatives do not really have time to figure out who is who resists. At the same time Russian correspondents must create the impression that the atrocities committed by the Ukrainians. In order to cover the Western Ukraine being intensively call recruits whose families already established in Europe high demand for used body armor, since 4th grade protection.I repeat: the challenge is to trigger a wave of indignation in Russia "Ukrainian atrocities" and force the government to send troops, after which it will be possible to declare, if the events were provoked by Russia to justify the invasion.Intensity and duration of the massacre should provide a degree of disturbance of the Russian people, that any appeal to the international court with a demand to send to the South-East of Ukraine independent commission of inquiry would be seen as a weakness of the Kremlin, if not treason. Should also be noted that the vast majority of these specially selected and trained mercenaries in varying degrees, speak Russian.Time is almost gone. Census should concentrate on two areas:1. Convince everyone can connect on the route of the Hungarian Debrecen and Miskolc in the direction of Donetsk and Luhansk trucks and trains mercenaries, collect and distribute photos and videos. This can and should be started immediately.2. If by collecting evidence will not be able to overturn the U.S. operation on the organization of genocide Russian and Russian-speaking Ukrainians need to convince the defense forces of Donetsk and Lugansk republics to leave their positions, which they still do not hold, and start saving people. You can then regroup in accordance with the new situation.Requires evacuation of children's institutions, the elderly, those women who are unable to bear arms, but that is especially important and particularly difficult - hospitals and clinics. Special emphasis has been placed on instruction mercenaries capture and killing of all hospital patients.If you can not time to gather evidence for an international tribunal to prevent the tragedy that will be very difficult. Currently, DNR and LC do not have sufficient means to stop ten thousand heavily armed and well-trained thugs with combat experience. Especially when you consider that their primary goal - not roadblocks and other relatively protected objects, and the civilian population, especially its most helpless part.Continue to liaise with the sources in the camp of the enemy, and will let you know everything that will be able to find out further.Central News Agency Novorossia
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