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    10 Cool Inventions That Shaped The Future


    Our history has always indicated that inventions can really change the future. From needles to spacecrafts, everything and everyone has witnessed innovations and inventions. In this post we are mentioning some of the super cool scientific and technological inventions that changed the way we live, we think and we feel.


    Here are the 10 Cool Inventions That Shaped The Future


    1. WWW – World Wide Web


    World Wide Web of today was invented by Tim Berners-Lee. Tim Berners-Lee is a British computer genius and also known as the inventor of web. During the invention of World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee was working with CERN. He wrote a proposal regarding the WWW to be implemented in CERN. But then he realized that this could be implemented throughout the world. Now, World Wide Web (WWW) is a necessity in internet.


    2. Sputnik 1


    Sputnik 1 was the first artificial Earth satellite launched by the Russians on 4th October, 1957. Sputnik 1 was very small in size unlike today’s satellites. It was a polished metal sphere (58 cm diameter) with four external radios to broadcast radio pulses. However, Sputnik 1 launch triggered a space race between Americans and Russians, a part of larger Cold War. But Sputnik 1 is one of the main reason for today’s advanced satellites and communication infrastructure.


    3. Touch Screens


    In 1965, E.A. Johnson published an article on capacitive touch screens and in 1967 provided photographs and diagrams. In the early 1970s two CERN engineers Frank Beck and Bent Stumpe, developed a transparent touch screen. CERN liked the concept and decided to manufacture it. Today, touch screen is on every smartphone, tablets, latest laptops, desktops, and other commercial devices. Touch screens was a remarkable invention and till now it is being explored further in terms of flexible screens.


    4. Pencillin


    Pencillin is a group of antibiotics used in the treatment of bacterial infections. It was a revolutionary invention and ahead of its time. Scottish scientist and Nobel laureate Alexander Fleming discovered Pencillin in 1928. The big discovery of Pencillin began the modern era of antibiotics which is one of the fastest growing industry today.


    5. Camera


    Cameras are everywhere now-days. You can find them as or in phones, CCTV, DSLR, digital, video, telescope etc. Well, the first permanent camera images was created in 1826. This was achieved by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. He used a sliding wooden box camera made by Charles and Vincent Chevalier in Paris.


    6. Engines


    Engines hail from antiquity period in the form of simple machines such as club, oar, lever, etc. By the medieval period, gears were introduced in mills and water-raising machines. During the industrial revolution Watt steam engine was introduced which was revolutionary. Now engines are our basic requirement used in automobiles, industries etc.


    7. Aircraft Carriers


    Aircraft carriers are the most important requirements for any Navy to protect the seas. Now days aircraft carriers are very advanced and equipped with state-of-art capabilities. If we go back to the history, in 1918, HMS Argus became the world’s first carrier to launch and land naval aircraft.


    8. Interior Designing


    Interior designing has always been an important factor of the buildings. It reflects the culture, ethics, lifestyle, profession and human ability. These things really make it as a inseparable part of building designs. Interior designs change with countries, cities, religions, societies etc.


    9. Automobiles


    Automobiles have a long history. The first steam powered vehicle was designed by Ferdinand Verbiest in 1672. But it was a toy. Many tweaks and further innovations happened and there came the Ford’s car 1927. Ford’s car was so revolutionary and successful that paint became a bottleneck. Since then the automobile industry is expanding and innovating.


    10. Social Networking Services


    Usenet, ARPANET, LISTSERV, and bulletin board services (BBS) were some of the early online services used for social interaction. As the internet developed, few social networking sites poped up like America Online, Prodigy, CompuServe, ChatNet, and The WELL. As the world wide web began, online communities like Theglobe.com (1995), Geocities (1994) and Tripod.com (1995) became quite popular. After then followed Classmates, Six Degrees, MySpace, etc. Now social networking is the only thing where people spend most of their time.


    Innovations are one of the things that keep this world moving. There are millions of inventions and discoveries that cannot be covered in the blog. We have tried to put some of the important discoveries and innovations of the world. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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