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    Are you pregnant? There is something very important that you really need to know!

    I have been spending some time looking at pregnancy and childbirth and Since EDTA is the cause of autism because of the formaldehyde that is used in it. It is a really good that pregnant women discontinue using some things in the interest of preventing birth defects and possibly autism.

    All artificial colors (petroleum based coal fat FD&C dyes) flavors and preservatives cause swelling of the brain stem, this happens because all of those additives are made from chemicals that the human body can not and will not accept any of them.

    What you are not aware of is the fact that EDTA is a preservative used in Mountain Dew and other beverages, it is used in soaps, shampoos, lotions, creams and even your mascara, eye liner and other things that you use. It is absolutely your right to use whatever you want, But it is also your responsibility to your unborn child to do the right thing.

    That being said it is best for baby that you don't eat any fast food because fast food contains excess amounts of salts, fats and other bad thing, but worse than those are the dyes, flavors and preservatives in everything.

    Dying your hair while pregnant is a BIG HUGE NO NO!!!

    Do you realize that every chemical that you touch, or come into contact with effects the development of your child?

    Do you realize that the human body (Your body) is like a sponge and so anything you use ON your body is absorbed INTO your body. And if you're pregnant, that means your unborn baby got a healthy dose of what chemicals you used on your hair, face, body etc.

    Tre Semme contains EDTA, if you simply wash your hair you will absorb the EDTA through your skin and it will cause severe swelling of the brain stem, Many adult humans don't feel any pain, but behaviorally they might have trouble sleeping, or difficulty with bright lights at night.

    So many little things that we over look are actually symptoms of the allergy you have to those chemicals.

    I ask people about the things they had after an episode of stress about any given topic and I find that they recently had mayonnaise, or some other chemically laden product.

    You think you're stressed out about a high insurance bill, or something else and it's really bothering you but it's actually the pressure against the delicate tissues of your brain. It's easy enough to diagnose by simply taking a couple of dye free benadryl gel caps.

    You might find that it works and then you will know that you are a part of this and that you are allergic.

    Pregnant women need to read more labels than anyone because you most certainly do not want something that can harm you, or your baby.

    I started with the thinking that it was all in the food, but finding those same preservatives in everything like cosmetics and toiletries, creams and lotions was the most shocking thing because it goes way beyond the scope of what I imagined was the whole problem.

    If you're pregnant, everything you do involves two.
    From the moment you find out you're pregnant you must stop eating any and all restaurant food.

    I never imagined that EDTA was in so many different products, no wonder there are so many children with autism.

    The first Autism comes from whatever the mother ate. Sadly the systems in place to protect all of us are broken and this I think should lead to some major changes in the way the FDA and EPA do business.

    Who's protecting the public when Formaldehyde, cyanide, lye, petroleum based coal tar and dozens of other deadly chemicals are allowed into our foods?

    Currently the people who work in pediatrics currently have things so that they can only make recommendations with regard to the things you do while you're pregnant. But I believe that time is over.

    Education needs to be installed right now and people need to know why it's bad to use Kraft Mayonnaise, Mountain Dew, Mascara, eye liner and even the wrong shampoo.

    One of two things needs to happen, either we educate the public and help them to avoid all the deadly additives and stop autism.....


    That we immediately ban the use of all artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from everything. and then work to find safe alternatives (which are already out there)

    I think America has had enough of this.

    To say it in a different way.... It's like saying that James Holmes (Aurora Colorado theater shooter) could have had extra mayonnaise on his subway sandwich the night before he acted out at the theater.

    This is the reality of what the additives can do, another reality is autism and yet another has the most severe cases ending up in their grave soon after being born.

    Tell everyone you know and love to avoid EDTA, read every single solitary label and either return that product to the store and get one that is safe, or just stop using that sort of thing altogether.

    My wife found that Almay cosmetics don't contain EDTA.

    You unconditionally love your child from the moment you know he/she is inside of you. You would never ever harm them in any way so now that you know that these things are bad for baby....

    Will you continue using them?
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