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    Jay Servidio Keep Dreaming


    Back in 1994 Jay Servidio had an idea to help people, everyday people, get involved in the adult internet industry working from home and make money. Since then Teleteria, the company Jay founded, has helped thousands of people from all over the world get started and make money in that great, lucrative business.

    The character Moe Green in GF1 was based on Bugsy Seigal who took a desert stop over for GI's coming back from WW2 and turned it into Las Vegas. The difference in these stories is that Bugsy' idea loses money for the average people, while Jay's idea makes money for people and it does so everyday. Is there a movie in the works to bring this story to the big screen.

    Keep Dreaming.

    There was a movie shot by James Ronald Whitney back in 2000/2001 called    TheWorkingGirl.com.


    The premise was a friend of Ron's named Sharon Alt who wanted to raise    her family by marketing an adult website. Ron initially contacted me to film    my Learning Annex class to learn more about the adult internet industry. He    and his crew came in and shot my 3 hour class and then we talked. He asked if    I would be interested in joining the film full time. I thought it would be a    great thing for Teleteria so I agreed. We then shot at the Internext conference    in Las Vegas, then to another conference in New Orleans. The Vegas shots were    mostly me at the show meeting and speaking to people. In New Orleans we also did those type of shoots but also me sitting down with Sharon and discussing what exactly needed to be done to launch the site, drive the traffic and make money.

    We did more shots at Rons loft    in NYC and his beautiful house on Fire Island. I spent alot of time on the project    provided the crew with access to all the biggest players in the business and    cooperated with them at every turn best I could.

    The film was to be released on or about 9/11/01 and was shelved after    the attack hit us that day. Every since then I hope one day to see it released as the subject matter    is still relevant to the industry at present.

    Keep Dreaming.


    The experience was a lot of fun. Having a film crew follow you around    the conferences taping all you do and say was definitely fun and they were very    professional.


    Ron Whitney, truly a unique    guy, was a pleasure to work with. Its rare you get to meet such a multi talented    person. You can see details about the film at TheWorkingGirl.com


    As for me I guess I have to Keep Dreaming.







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