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    Don´t panic, get IMMERSIV/I/A


    Naming is claiming [Anonymous]. When you google on “Naming is claiming” you will get not on first glance sites on Intelectual Property Rights -- you are thrown back in time to questions like “What is the significance of naming in the Bible?” Answer there: It shows claiming -- "Naming is claiming".


    In art we claim works and interpretations -- we say “it fits to this and that”. But what when the work could no longer be pressed in a “folder”? Say: it´s no art? Or say: “a new name must be found so a new folder can be opened?” Then we can discuss it under a new light, a new setting.


    For long I used for immersive art, the term intermedia. A term set up by Dick Higgings in the mid-sixties. I hate when naming just is done to have a cool new name for something already done over and over. It was just somewhere forgotten in the fast flow of time.


    The first steps on "immersive acts" have been done before virtual worlds took it over. So I bring the memory back via this video - it is all real what you see here, but truely also immersive - done on a Playstation in 2011. No SFX, no postproduction, no cuts. So just immersive art does not fit for what’s happening now and here in virtual walkable worlds ...


    Naming has to be done when an impact happened. I say "Dont´panic" as you all know Douglas Adams‘ Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy shall be taken not word by word. This may also be the case when Jacob's name changed as he struggled with an angel, and his new name, Israel, came with the explanation: "you have contended with divine and human beings and have prevailed”. [Genesis, chapter 32].


    Immersive art claims a new chapter in art. Avatars interacting in virtual worlds for an art experience. Bryn Oh, one of the pioneers in this field has a group named in SL “IMMERSIVA” with 4,868 members – I am one of them. Bryn does not claim this category by naming, Bryn Oh is a virtual personality, a pioneer committed to virtual art that comes as a narrative. A sequence of spoken words, of moving pictures where one (=you) is inside. Sometimes you may even feel “the Presence” like the future of 4 D. Bryn Oh´s last installation shows “The Singularity of Kumiko”. Other artists shall not to be missed: Cherry Manga in Francogrid is a great example with Alice in Wonderland. For this blog Cherry´s installation Faith may fit even better. Paradise Lost directed by Canary Beck brings immersive plays to life and soon another artist will move even to the “outer world”.

    Navah Dreams presents as a contribution to PEACE MECHANISMS at 2014 Santorini Bienniale DREAMT FOREST. 1,668 trees can be planted, reflecting to Silent Running, a  1972 environmentally-themed American science fiction film movie. Let´s nature give the role that it has to have. Let virtual worlds be a mirror to dream, but then act real. A political message as well. So when immersive experience gets into art I name it IMMERSIVIA: Immersive Interactive Art.



    Curious to see such worlds? This week on Wednesday, 25th, the HG safari [Hypergrid safari], created by Thirza Ember, will visit RIFT HORIZON in grid Metropolis. Join them to get an idea how such worlds look.

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