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    Posted June 23, 2014 by
    Deutschlandsberg, Austria
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    New Global Project to help the planet to recover.

    It is my very great pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Philip Wright, English, born in Hertford, but now live in Austria, and I have launched a global project, Project "Global Re-Genesis" on Facebook.
    The project has been in the planning for the last 10 years, and now the time is right to launch it to the world.
    The project covers, Global re-forestation, plants & animal reintroduction.
    The benefits of the project are; Re-forestation and as we know the trees are the lungs of the earth, consuming Carbon Dioxide and in return giving off oxygen. The planting of new trees will also help prevent soil erosion which causes land and mudslides, and also assist in creating a better and more stable weather patterns. This is to be achieved by encouraging the global population to collect seeds from the trees on a specific day of the year according to their seasonal climate and planting them in pots, then once they are healthy saplings, to replant them into the natural habitat.
    Project "Global Re-Genesis" was launched on Facebook at the beginning of June 2014 to raise awareness of the projects work and to encourage the global population to participate.
    I am seeking in all countries, people who have the project at heart, who will become Country and Local area coordinators to coordinate and disseminate the information about the project to the people in their local areas so that a coordinated effort can be achieved.
    The responsibility of the Country coordinator would be as a manager of the local area coordinators to make sure that all of the relevant information is passed on and acted upon, so that the local coordinators have the correct information to organise the people for their seed gathering and planting. Each country participating in the project will have their own Facebook page linked to the main project Facebook page in which all of that countries stories, photos & videos can be uploaded.
    I would therefore make an appeal to those interested to consider either being a Country coordinator or a local area coordinator so that we can launch the project in your country with an effective participation program. It is hoped that schools will also participate, as this will "Sow the seed", so to say, with the schools and pupils as an annual project. Schools will then be able to participate in a national competition to design their Country Facebook pages cover photo and have their story and photos fully covered as the winners.
    I would also like to appeal to all local and national nature conservancy and wildlife groups to participate in the project by introducing plants and also reintroducing small animals, especially endangered species back into the countryside. It would be nice therefore to think that annual and ongoing studies of the plants, trees and wildlife reintroduced can be achieved.

    The project mission.
    The mission is Global, encompassing environmental, social and nature issues that affect every person on Mother Earth.

    What it is hoped will be achieved.
    By the awareness and participation in Project "Global Re-Genesis" bringing the people together for a very worth cause to create a feel of social responsibility by collecting the seeds and replanting them into the countryside, to also create a program of reintroducing rare plants and wildlife back into their natural habitats for the benefit of all future generations.

    How we plan to do it.
    By appointing people as either Country or local area coordinators for the project, to receive information from HQ and pass that on to the local coordinators and the people via the Facebook country page.

    How can those who have an interest help?
    By becoming either Country or local coordinators, or as individuals by organising others to create groups and keep in contact with their local coordinators, and also read the information on their country Facebook page.

    How will the project benefit Mother Earth, the environment and the global population?
    1, By bringing the people together under a common cause.
    2, By replanting the saplings back into their natural habitats, thus every year creating new wooded areas for all to enjoy.
    3, By reforestation minimising the risk of soil erosion & landslides.
    4, By assisting Mother Earth to return to more normal weather patterns, thus providing a more stable and natural climate.
    5, By assisting in the creation of the natural habitats of all woodland creatures, providing a regrowth and strengthening of the ecological chain.
    6, By implementing special breeding programs of the animals that are in decline.
    7, By providing a mid to long term benefit for future generations.
    8, By the effective feedback of success stories with pictures and videos which will be posted on the appropriate Country Facebook pages.
    9, By the effective and (hopefully) continued involvement of the media in the promotion of Project "Global Re-Genesis"

    All contact regarding further interest in Project "Global Re-Genesis" by individuals, interest groups, or the media should be sent to the following dedicated email address: globalregenesis.pw@gmail.com

    Please bookmark the main Facebook page: Project "Global Re-Genesis"

    Thank you,

    Philip Wright. (Deutschlandsberg, Austria)
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