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    Posted June 24, 2014 by

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    sasrai Only The Savior


    Appeal to 19 Days of Activism Campaign

    Elly Pradervand
    WWSF CEO and UN Representative
    19 Days of Activism Campaign
    Children-Youth Section
    WWSF Women's World Summit Foundation


    Dear Madam/Sir
    Greetings. Thanks for highly praised initiative 19 Days of Activism Campaign. I am proud of being informed by you.

    My humble submission last 4/5 years I am in a dialogue with several experts on my observation `People in Power across the globe become a consumption slaver. We have lost our freedom of thinking even. And I call it intellectual disability.’


    Recently I met Ms. Elisabeth Wickeri, Executive Director, Leitner Center. I have presented her and some of her colleagues our joint observation `Catastrophic Trend of the society’ Education has become a means of money making.’ Our issues/progeny beginning their life absolutely a money making orientation due to our top to bottom Consumption Slavery. Well-off family children coming to costly education institution, purchasing/achieving a certificated praised by the corporate body and investing her/his total strength for the benefit to corporate or any other international body.


    They ignore ethics, principle, morality, honesty. Our youth forces demand more money for luxury/purchase that we can say Consumption Slavery. And they are frustrated, in apathy, and bondless to family. And just last 30 years back we were varsity student and our position was completely different. Our motto was to serve the nation, humanity with little exception. Presently all are bloody money monger with minor exception.


    Considering above mentioned situation we cannot expect anything fair in near future till we failed to have drastic action to bring significant change in mindset. Since 2004 we are trying sasrai-Movement aimed at better earth for our next generation, bringing significant change in mindset among all.


    My earnest request to your good offices to include sasrai theme in your 2014 Prevention Kit. sasrai ONLY THE PATH TO SAVE MOTHER PLANET EARTH, NATURE. It’s only the path to Eliminate Racial Discrimination - End violence against WOMEN and CHILDREN. sasrai only the path to end POVERTY, VULNERABILITY, HUNGER, DISASTER, CLIMATE Threat. Each second, minute, hour day needed to be spent considering earth, environment and humanity. We must get each child caring to each particle of food and resources. Wish the Peace, Dignity and Rights for all - save a bit, reserve, preserve, rejuvenate and conserve resources.


    Kindest Regards


    SM Farid Uddin Akhter
    Secretariat In-charge
    email: fgaleeb@gmail.com Phone:+88 01553 748 354
    Let's we try to save one Taka/dollar/pound/yen ........from our daily use, consumption, expenditure, LUXURY combat the CLIMATE CHANGE, GLOBAL WARMING and the sequences.


    Humanity demand Environment Ambassador
    Environment is Democracy, Transparency, People’s Voice, Decentralization, Justice for All, Rights for all, Flexibility, Equality, Equal Facility, Risk Reduction
    Environment is Waste Reduction, Reuse, Repair, Rejuvenation, Reservation, Conservation
    Environment is Threat Free Life, Tension Free Life, Dictation Free Life, Fair living, Friendly Living, Dignity for All
    Environment is Cooperative, Collaborative and Concerted Effort

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