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    Posted June 24, 2014 by
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    Ukraine unrest

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    No, Vladimir Putin is not taking a step back!

    Recent media reports suggest that Vladimir Putin asked the Russian Parliament (the State Duma) to rescind himself from any military mandate in Ukraine and most people welcomed the gesture, believing this is a move meant to restore the order in Eastern Ukraine.

    I do not agree and I strongly believe we are now entering a new phase of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, in which the international community will no longer be able to talk directly to the man in charge of the hostilities, one Vladimir Putin of KGB, but through puppet secessionist leaders in Donbas and Luhansk.

    Basically, after creating a huge mess that killed up to a thousand people in Ukraine and generated tens of thousands of refugees, Vladimir Putin is selling us the idea that not only he is no longer in control of the terrorists in Eastern Ukraine, but he is also not in control of the Russian military crossing the border and committing fierce atrocities in Ukraine.

    Not only this move will strengthen the terrorists' hand in Ukraine, because the conflict can no longer be resolved by diplomacy, but by guns, and modern guns is what they have, but will also lead to a form of semi-frozen conflict like the one Russia ordered in Transnistria (Moldova), Abkhazia and South Osetia (Georgia) and - as history taught us - any territory engulfed in such murky situation is - de facto - Russian-controlled territory.

    This means that, though this simple and elegant move, Vladimir Putin is closing his hand and forever grabbing those parts of Ukraine.

    On the other hand, the fatal mistake the international community could do in this regard is to acknowledge that Putin is powerless in this matter and proceed forward to negotiating with the murderers, rapists and recently freed convicts that Russia sent to Eastern Ukraine.

    Sorry, folks, we're all downhill from here so rig for subsequent collisions with an aggressor that - in spite of the NATO and EU expansions of the recent decades - has never lost any single battle since the fall of the Soviet Union, and the result is everywhere to be seen: Ethiopia, Syria, Caucasus, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, North Korea and - first and foremost - war-torn Africa, as Russia is the leading provider of weaponry to criminal regimes that the civilized world won't supply.

    And, by civilized world, I don't mean France or UK. It was over seventy years ago that a fascist monster was growing in their back door and they failed to acknowledge that. By the looks of it, one may safely assume they will - once again - fail to see the fascist monster and, again, people will suffer and die, with no one asking the French, the UK or the Hungarian leaders what were the real reasons behind their backing of a fascist warmonger.

    The current paradigm in the international community is that they can only be held responsible by their own citizens, and not by the people that will actually die as a result of their actions so maybe, just maybe, it's time we ask ourselves what are the true reasons behind their reasoning?

    After all, those who are about to die in the following escalations deserves an answer and, as Yanucovich just recently put it, Petro Poroșenko - Ukraine, really - is running out of time. And so are we.
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