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    Effective Summer Learning with the Best Educational Tools


    Students deserve to relax during the summer days. Most of them have worked really hard throughout the school year in order to get decent grades, and they don’t even want to think about school now that the summer is giving them all the free time in the world.
    However, that doesn’t mean that they should forget about being mentally active for three months. Just as you trained your brain to be focused throughout the year, you can train it to be passive if you spend your entire days on the beach.
    No worries; you don’t have to go through the textbooks all over again. You can keep yourself in shape with some fun summer learning activities, and we have the right tools to help you achieve that:
    1. Strip Designer
    Don’t you just love reading comics? You can use this app to create comics of your own adventures and reflect on the important experiences. This will be a fun experience that will help you realize the importance of each moment. In addition to your own adventures, you can also use the app to recreate a chapter of your favorite book and bring it to life with cool-looking characters.
    2. Write My Essay

    Summer is a perfect time to learn essay writing with NinjaEssays Writing Blog.
    3. Thinglink
    With this tool, you can create interactive images that can be both recreational and curricular. For example, you can create collages of the places you’ve been to, document your trips with fun interactive maps, as well as explore important historical destinations in the area and create maps, photos, and collages that your professors will love seeing.
    4. Essay Minions
    If the task of academic writing was making your life miserable throughout the school year, now is the perfect time to do something about it. At this website, you can hire the assistance of professional writers who will show you how to tackle any topic like a champ. If you decide to place an order, you won’t collaborate with some random writer who likes to play the part of a minion; you will be paired with a holder of a graduate degree that can provide high-quality assistance and help you learn something along the way.
    5. Tackk
    With this tool, you can create your very own web page, poster, blog post, or flyer. That’s a nice way to document your trips, but you can also use it to track your progress on a learning activity. You surely have a favorite class, so pick a topic and use the summer to do a decent research on it. This tool will be a great companion throughout that activity.
    6. PhotoCard by Bill Atkinson
    Summer is all about taking photos, but that doesn’t mean that you should randomize that activity. With this app, you can create awesome digital postcards that feature photos, text, and links. The cards can be recreational, but you can also use the app for reflective writing, imaginative stories, descriptive writing, and even physics challenges. Your classmates and professors will love receiving such photocards during the summer months.
    7. Bubbli
    You have surely discovered the concept of creating panoramic bubbles that capture the sight and sounds of a moment in a realistic manner. How about visiting some museums and historical sites during the summer months and composing 360 bubbles that you’ll share with the class?
    Summer learning is more fun than you think!
    The above-listed apps, tools, and websites blend the learning experience with relaxing summer activities. They will help you stay in shape and get ready to face the following school year with less stress and more success.

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