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    Decoding Your Car Color


    The car color we choose can reveal our personality and the way we want to be perceived. Let's take a look at some common vehicle colors and what they say about us.


    Black Cars Exude Power


    Black cars exude power, status and prestige. Do you ever see world leaders, presidents and heads of states being chauffeured in a bright orange or green car? Most of the time it's a black luxury car. A black car is a solid choice for a professional who deals with the public a lot such as a real estate agent who may have to drive clients around. The only drawback of black cars is that they tend to get dirtier faster, show scratches and swirls easily and absorb more heat during the summer time.


    White Cars Remain A Best Seller


    White is the best-selling color car in the U.S. For the most part it's a pure color, simple and seems to be more popular with female drivers (from personal observations). White can be a good choice in hot areas such as Southern California or the south because it doesn't absorb heat as fast.


    Red Means Beware Of Cops


    Red cars are fun and sporty and often associated with fast sports cars. It signifies danger, fun, excitement. However, studies show that red cars are more likely to be pulled over by cops. This could be due to the fact that red tends to stand out.


    Silver Stands For Sophisticated


    Silver is an elegant and sophisticated color that is on the the trendy side. It can look rather striking on a luxury sports car like a Porsche or Mercedes SLK. Silver is flashy. Fun. Young. Glamorous. Notice that there is a big difference between silver and grey.


    Grey Is More Boring


    Grey is more understated. Mature. Blend in the crowd type of color.


    Blue Serenity


    The color blue signifies peacefulness, stability and serenity. Exerts predict that we'll see more blue cars in the future; especially among female and family oriented buyers.


    Brown Down-To-Earth


    Not a best-seller. Brown and earthy colors may signify being “down-to-earth” and can be associated with frugality. Drivers of brown cars generally want to blend in the crowd.


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