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    Hillary and her 100 million dollars

    Well here we go. We all saw how the Liberal Democrats hammered Romney because he was successful and rich. They demonized hard work and rewarded lazy do nothings. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Hillary (and Bill) have made over 100 million dollars since in office. They have 2 mansions and spent over 2 million dollars on their daughters lavish wedding at basically a castle. Now she is on a book tour which will yield more millions and she gets over $200k for speaking engagements. I read once a girl got in trouble taking her picture while she was at the Manhattan private beauty salon where it cost about $2,500 a visit. Apparently Hillary and Bill also ordered a bunch of items before they left the White House like furniture, cutlery, rugs, etc. to the tune of over $100k and have since returned a bit of it - some recently since I'm guessing is because she is campaigning and doesn't want to be caught with the goods. So, are the Democrats going to just ignore the main problem they had with Romney? My guess is they will say it is OK like all the other rich Democrat hypocrites I know pretending to understand the poor and middle class while they lounge around in the lap of ultra luxury. Anybody else see a problem with this???????????????????????????
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