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    Posted June 24, 2014 by

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    Why a Kickstarter Campaign?

    As my 10th Kickstarter campaign is about to end, and my 11th Kickstarter campaign is about to launch, here are the reasons that I still bother running projects campaigns on Kickstarter.

    To put it bluntly (Can you handle the truth?), I am running a Kickstarter campaign to make money by selling you an original, unique, extraordinary product (All rights reserved) that you will not find anywhere else.

    I am a creator. I have a lot of talent, I have a lot of ideas and I have a lot of projects in development. What I don't have is the capital to manufacture those projects and make them into products. Crowdfunding is my only option at this time.

    In fact, Kickstarter is the ideal venue for my projects. Why? Because these projects are not rip-offs or copycats of other already established successful products. These are experimental and unique. And being that, there is no way for me to know whether there is a market for them. Are there people who would want these projects? Are there enough of these people?

    The question I have to answer is "Should these projects be manufactured and turned into products?"

    If there are not enough consumers willing to buy these products, then they should not be manufactured. There is already enough stuff produced in the world. There is no need to use the world's precious resources to produce more stuff, especially if that stuff is not desired.

    I believe that this is the future of capitalism. As the earth's resources dwindle and the ever increasing pollution created in the manufacturing process destroys the earth's atmosphere, to satiate man's insatiable desire for stuff, products will be required to be purchased by the consumer before they are produced. Laws will be enacted that will allow companies to manufacture only the quantities of product that has been purchased. Or maybe 10% or so above of what has been purchased.

    In short, crowdfunding will evolve to be part of the economy of production. Crowdfunding campaigns will determine what is and what is not produced. Crowdfunding campaigns will determine what products people will have.

    And the future is now and this Kickstarter campaign represents it. The Kickstarter market will determine if this project becomes a real product. If there are enough backers (aka. consumers/buyers) for the MazeSquare JigsawPuzzle GameBoards and the campaign generates the necessary funding then the project will be manufactured. If there are not enough backers and the campaign does not generate the necessary funding then the project will not be manufactured.

    But the money raised from this campaign will not only go to producing the jigsaw games. It will also be used to cover the shipping costs for mailing all the product to the backers, various fees and taxes. Whatever is leftover will be my profit.

    You, in return, will possess a very rare, fine product.
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