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    North Carolina
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    Is Fear Of Failure Keeping You Caged?

    Is Fear Of Failure Keeping You Caged?

    FEAR: Noun. An unpleasant emotion caused by the BELIEF that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Verb. Be afraid of someone or something as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.

    Are you letting fear control your beliefs?

    Is it holding your personal life and business back from its full true potential?

    Don’t feel ashamed. Fear is a normal emotion. Everyone has a fear of something. The only way to conquer it though is to confront your fear.

    I will share a secret with you. If you know me, or have been following me, you know I love to travel.

    I am obsessed with seeing the entire world. What most people have no clue about is my serious fear of flying on a plane.

    Not some tiny little fear. This use to be a fear that crippled me so bad I literally had paid for flights I could not get on. Plane left without me because my BELIEF, my fear, my thoughts made me so afraid I convinced myself my plane would crash.

    Pretty silly huh? Sad that fear controlled me to the point of that.

    To conquer my fear of flying I had two choices.

    A. Abandon my dream of traveling the world. Letting my fear control my actions.


    B. Confront this fear head on.

    I, of course being the stubborn women I am, opted in for B. I confronted it.

    The next flight I FORCED myself to get on.

    I was shaking. I was upset. I was sweating disgustingly. I am positive the person next to me thought I was an absolute loony. I had essential oils all over my body (a friend told me they would calm me and to use a drop. Yeah I used half the bottle lol).

    The only thing that mattered was I had my booty in the seat and I was taking this flight.

    Throughout the flight I had some Enya on my iPod to calm me.

    The next thing I had was the book “Excuses Be Gone” to help me combat my fears and relax.

    Would you know 1/2 hour into the flight I was calm as could be.

    Shaking stopped, sweating stopped, and I was relaxed. The plane landed safely and I had an amazing trip.

    Do I still get anxious and struggle with flying. Yes I do.

    The bottom line is in no way, shape, or form was I going to let this emotion stop me from seeing the world. I would be a total coward if I let something as small as this little emotion called fear control me. Letting it stop my dreams.

    Matter a fact this summer I will be going skydiving. I want to puke just thinking of this hahah. At the same time I can’t hardly wait for the experience its going to be to “fly.”

    I wanted to tell you this quick story to hopefully inspire you. This is not easy as I like to be Mrs.bad girl, wannabe tomb raider type!!

    So, for me to even let you in on my dirty little fear is not easy. Its kinda embarrassing.

    But yet again. Instead of letting an EMOTION hold me back from maybe inspiring 10 people with writing this. I wrote it.

    I urge you to confront your fears head on. Your personal life, your business, and yourself will thank you for it.

    Don’t stop pursuing what you love because of a silly emotion of fear, embarrassment, threat, heartache, or whatever else holds you back from greatness.

    You absolutely truly deserve a purpose driven amazing life. Let yourself have it!!

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