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    Raising a special needs child

    Me and my d-dub!"Dawson


    Well to start I'm 53 and my son was born when I was 43 my wife rejected amniocentesis test and went ahead with pregnancy we were gifted to bring into our lives Dawson.  The Dr.s came in the recovery room and said to us we have some not to good news for you. Your son has down syndrome and without a blink of an eye both of us emeditly said does he have a heart beat and is he breathing? We were relieved! He's alive! Oh but there's a problem..... he has a heart defect. We consulted friends and we new almost all the projected problems and were prepared he was very sick but not so sick we couldn't bring him home after he gained a little more weight.  He was born about 5.5lbs and a few weeks early. He showed signsof improvement drs said t us that he would have to have surgery to fix the whole in his heart. Take him home and fatten him up so heis body can withstand the operation. We did take DAWSON aka D-DUB home everyone was in the dark about his "what we now think is stupid" LABLE. No one knew he had down syndrome.  Really u couldn't see it he looked normal. Then 3 months later we broke the news olny that he needed heart surgery. All went well he is so strong!

    This is all on the shirt tails of the death of his brother a few years earlier. Gage Mathew aka.GMC was born and all was well with him and about the time he was to go home he started to develop a decline in his wellbeing out of the 11 days of being alive 9 of them were agonizing awaiting his death. 2 drs. Are 100% responsible for all of his suffering and death.  I need to also interject 2 FACTS of later learning what was going on because it was not only GMC's suffering, but my wife's torture ss well. 1st my wife is very intelligent and informed especially as this is in real time education she has just delivered a perfect boy. The first alert why is he not getting better and closer to discharge?  Forward 2 days my wife is in distress asking 20 to 30 times to the nurses what is that why? WHY? is his fluid in that hose yellow or not clear? Rush onto? Oh No internet at that time! into books and the phone and within 5 or so days we were saying 1 thing and they were doing nothing. bout this time my wife is looseing it frantic our son is dieing she then 7or 8 days into this hell being delivered to us an expert in the first days and a awsome delivery dr. hes starting to grow concerned.  9 days go by then the dr. That delivered GMC walked in deck to the 9z! No sh#$. Diamonds gigantic rocks beautiful dress pumps pretty makup as my son lay dying. Then DAD has seen enough friend grabed me and escorted me out he new me very well violence was eminent thanks to my friends I was removed. Ok then the expert came and said he needs to do surgery to explore my wife and I could feel the presents of the holy spirit in the room . They brought us to GMC before surgery to hold and pray. This would be all for GMC the surgery would reveal ganggreen throughout his body he went home that day having suffered 11 days at the handling of the hospital and drs. My wife and I were called to a meeting with the expert dr. He would shock us and admit to us that he as a christian he felt the holyspirit leading his heart to tell the truth about what happend. Drs. Nurses hospital failed to take nessary steps to alert to zirconium plug hasnt passed 48hrs into life.but thats all he could do. Can't testify for us he felt he needed to tell us. Cops drs.?? Who else gets behind this code? So rewind 7 years my 1st.son was born we'll use DAKOTA ALLEN aka.. DAC

    He's born with learning disabilities autism is his[LABLE]. Early challenges

    We had to learn about. Ill paraphrase at 4 years.i walked n on yhe babysitter DAC tied to a chair and the babysitter hitting him in the head. He would suffer permanent trama. Then 3 children normal and now im in charge! 1st daughter off to med school@BIOLA UNIVERSITY! 3rd son up and coming musician andoh DAC is going to college

    And become an x-ray tech 2nd daughter is now a freshman in high school a success!anyway with dawson the challenge is monumental and life suckling the life out of us!

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