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    Lake Alfred, Florida
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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    MH370 went missing March 8, 2014 and, despite exhaustive search effort, not a trace of wreckage has been found. With the numerous items on board a loaded Boeing 777, the fact not a one has washed up upon any shore in the world gives two conclusions. The first possibility would be a crash on some remote dot of land in uninhabited territory. The second possibility would be that it landed intact, which has spawned a mirad of conspiracy fact and theory to explain flight MH370's disappearance. This second possibility is discussed below with various links throughout the worldwide web that may be of your interest.


    This first link http://www.emirates247.com/news/diego-garcia-and-mh370-conspiracy-of-a-lost-island-in-middle-of-it-all-2014-04-06-1.544414 is an article interesting in itself, but the best is yet to come! If you've wondered what was the cargo so precious on MH370, that it would be worth stealing the whole plane, this may be it. Load the comments, and be sure you're sorting by oldest comment. Keep going until you hit the 61st comment titled CONSPIRACY THEORY which was entered by JoeKidd. He traces the need for highjacking MH370 all the way back to Afghanistan when a very special piece of military hardware was lost to the Taliban. If it's not a fact, then it's the best theory yet!!


    The second link  http://www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/aero_05/textonly/ps02txt.html is an article detailing Onboard Loadable Software for the Boeing 777. It is most interesting in the wide array of "automatic" changes that can be programmed into the LRU making the 777 change it's electrical, navigation, display, and communication capabilities. CHECK IT OUT!!


    The third link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-qy3EMs0Kg details how the Pentagon blocked all travel to the semi-secret U.S base of Diego Garcia in the southern Maldive Islands. Very strange....very strange indeed. What may they be hiding?? CHECK IT OUT!!


    The fourth link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXL-3dtOP-0 concerns an MH370 passenger and IBM employee Philip Woods who phoned home just like ET from the vicinity of Diego Garcia after the "loss" of the plane. Is this one a conspiracy fact or theory?? If a fact, it surely ties together many loose ends and should end ANY search to locate a "plane crash". CHECK IT OUT!!


    The fifth link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp8ZiK23nLc is similar to the first link, but gets very technical and has been prepared after much obvious research. You can draw your own conclusions regarding fact or theory, but......CHECK IT OUT!!


    If the above info doesn't give a clue that the game is still afoot, consider this:


    In March 2014, The Dutch Air Force intercepted a Boeing 777 on a flight from Miami to Amsterdam WHEN THE WORLD LEADERS WERE MEETING at the nuclear summit. Luckily the Dutch air controllers and pilots were only on the Dutch payroll as the 777 approached from the west without transmitting their required identifiers. It had also left Miami without transmitting same but did not peak the interest of the U.S. Air Force. The Dutch sent two F-16's which intercepted the plane and ID'd it as a LAN(CHILE) cargo flight. The flight was escorted north around Amsterdam to Germany. There was no mention if the plane was piloted or a drone. This could have been a false flag actively armed attempt to liquify the world leaders and used as a substitute for the planned usage of the MH370 aircraft. Alternatively, it could have been a test or probing action to gain info for a future attack, or just an honest mistake on the part of the LAN crew. At least the Dutch were on the ball with their F-16's in plenty of time preventing World War III. Always a good thing!!!

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