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    Posted June 26, 2014 by
    Lawrence, Kansas

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    Wasteful Government Spending/Racial Vindictive Prosecution


    Letter to the NAACP
    Do you guy's provide civil attorneys to help people who had their civil rights violated by both federal and state government officials. My case began in Dec. 2005, I have been indicted in 5 frivolous indictments, and 2 superseded indictments, all of which have been dismissed. The last case was dismissed with prejudice by the Federal judge and he ruled in his order that my right to due process and my right to a speedy trial were violated. I had my bond revoked for blogging and sending out emails requesting an investigation into the Federal prosecutors office, and after 6 months of prison my attorney filed with the court that I was mentally incompetent and this began my 33 month journey all across the country for mental evaluation, 3 of which I passed and finally one BOP doctor agreed that I was delusional and the gov. forced me to return to the federal medical facility for forced medication without completing the "Sell hearing". I appealed the forced medication order from the medical facility and won my appeal so the gov. had to send me back to Kansas to complete the "Sell hearing" to determine whether or not I was violent and a danger to myself or others (which I have never been involved with violence") anyway I pleaded the 5th when I returned and the final doctor opinioned that I was competent and the gov. was forced to release me. I studied every day for 13 months on my computer and uncovered the fact the gov. did not have the elements to convict me and I filed my own pleading to block their fraudulent proceedings and after 3 more yrs. of fighting they finally on May 19th 2014 dismissed the final indictment. Yep it took me 3 yrs. to get all 3 of the last cases dismissed. The final case was dismissed with prejudice and the judge in his order noted that my Due Process and Speedy trial rights were violated. I was housed with violent convicted inmates, suffered being attacked twice, once I had to get 8 stitches in my lip, and suffered damage to my jaw from being attacked and hit in the jaw while I was still chained and shackled, and the second attack occurred while I was sitting on my bed in my cell. Two guy's attacked me and I'm a 6'7" black man who played football in the 80's and I boxed for 4yrs. so that was a ugly situation that resulted in the attackers getting bloodied up pretty good and now I'm in fear of someday testing positive for Hep. C virus, in that attack my right eye was severely damaged and my vision through that eye is an issue now. I was not written up for this situation because they attacked me while I was in my cell writing a letter to my wife. I have lost everything my house my business and all of my belonging after being unjustly locked up for so long. The federal prosecutor told my attorney that "I needed to be taught who was boss" because she was angry that I posted a flier stating the Lawrence police were impersonating FBI during the investigation into my business a 2nd hand store called "the yellow house store". My 1st attorney's investigator uncovered this police misconduct, she had interviewed 18 people who all had the same story that the police officers John Jay Bialek and Mickey Rantz had told them they were FBI agents, and I still have a signed affidavit from one of the witnesses and the letters from my attorney requesting an investigation into the matter. This was covered up and never addressed in any of the hearings and my pleading addressing these issues were ignored. This is just the tip of the ice berg of what these people have force my family to endure. I have suffered an 8 1/2 yr. beat down and now I need someone to help me with my civil action. I have the capacity to handle most of the work. I just need guidance because I'm working at Lawrence Kia as a car sales person and I put in long hours, so I just do not have the time to do all the home work needed to pull this off. My concern is if I make just one mistake in my pleading my law suit will get tossed out. Do you guy's think you would be able to help me?
    A little about me:
    I grew up in Phoenix, AZ, I got married and moved to Lawrence Kansas on a scholarship to play football for the University of Kansas, and after collage we raised 3 kids. I worked at TRW for 17yrs. Them quit my job to start my own appliance delivery service and moving service, my wife and our family got involved in foster care, we fostered at risk kids for 9 ½ yrs. We had 28 kids one, two, or three at a time in our home in addition to our own three kidos. I have been married for 34 yrs. To the love of my life, who was convicted in this mess after they hauled me off to jail!
    My goal is to get her home very soon! I have never been convicted for anything ever!
    I’m a very hard honest working person and I did not deserve to be treated like a convicted criminal for 33 months.
    My wife and my self were listed on the same indictment which now is dismissed, however they are refusing to allow my wife to come home. I have been fighting for the 8 1/2 yrs. to help her, and the governments made me pay because I was not willing to step aside and let them take her without a dog fight! That is the reason they treated me with such disrespect. The federal Government gets a little pissed off when you fight back and they do many things to make you suffer. I have been separated from the love of my life for more than 5 yrs. Last week I was able to go to Alderson WV to visit with her and it was the 1st time in 5 yrs. that I was able to hug and kiss her. It was a very , very nice trip, thanks to my daughter Christina and her husband Jon, who put the whole trip together for us. I'm very angry at what they are doing to my wife!!! but I do not hold any animosity against the gov. or the Lawrence Kansas police dept. because it was just a few officers that had an issue with a black and white couple owning property on Mass. (the main street in Lawrence Kansas) and when one harbors hatred in his heart it sucked up the space for love. I have been working very hard to stay focused on bring my wife home and getting compensated for what we have been unjustly forced to endure.

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