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    Posted June 25, 2014 by
    Orlando, Florida
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    What I Meant to Say in the Opportunity to Exist


    For my mother's birthday I decided to give her a special gift something that she did not expect from me; it was not a material thing but a simple essay about our  opportunity to exist in this life.


    I submitted the essay to This I Believe.org, an international organization engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives.


    At the time, I was reading a lot about Krishnamurti, Osho, Andrew Cohen, Ken Wilber and the Stoics. The essay is an amalgamation of such thinkers put in my own words.


    You can Google "The Opportunity To Exist" and you will read my full essay directly from the site.


    But a lot of things have happened since that July 2008. Six years have gone by and there has been a lot growing in the spiritual sense.


    I am indeed older. I know I am decaying. I see wrinkles in my face, new ones have emerged, my hands do not look the same, the middle age confronts us with new challenges in our own physicality.


    Getting older means getting wisdom. It does not matter whatever the circumstances, we are learning everyday from our own mistakes.


    I believe in the opportunity to exist.


    It was a simple question, what do you believe? That's what I heard on NPR, which runs a segment on This I Believe and which prompted me to write an essay.


    Right away, I thought, what an opportunity is this for self-expression especially back in those days, where I was desperate in finding a solution to my crumbling life.


    Do you have any idea what is to lose everything? A year before, I had discovered that I have been a victim of mortgage fraud. Everything was a scheme.


    The "supposedly friends" were not real friends, they were Miami friends interested in parties, the fun, the appearances, everything that was unreal.


    The bankers, the attorneys and the brokers, they were all crooked.


    After learning my fate, I collapsed until I regained consciousness only a couple of years later, to find my own voice amidst the psychological chaos.


    My father who had helped me with so much, the efforts of working hard during 12 years were completely gone.


    Just because of ambition, greed and lack of honest advice or guidance.


    But continuous prayer saved my life. Literally, that's what happened. That's the reason I am alive.


    Just like Hemingway said, "The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places."


    This was my own story back then. At the broken place I flourished. I created La Columna de Jesus, in 2009 and a year later, Whatsupmiami, and later, over 7 additional blogs that have totaled more than five million hits on Google+ just by myself.


    I reached rock bottom and it was through the words, spoken in my monologues or in the written form, that I finalized my essay with a consideration which I continue to uphold: "If we human beings do not recognize our consciousness as Divine, individual or collective egos will be the elements for the demise of humanity."


    And someone has to talk about this in plain, simple, non poetic, non philosophical words.


    I am talking about this on The Spiritual Journalist on the web and I hope that such humanitarian task to put together the work of so many blessed people who have come to the world to enlighten us with their teachings will ultimately serve all peoples of the world, brothers and sisters so that they can understand what it truly means to be alive, the opportunity to exist in the centuries ahead.

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