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    Miami, Florida
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    Mike George Gives a Happy Advice at Unity on the Bay

    It was a few years ago that self-help author Mike George was in South Florida to give a speech.

    This past Sunday June 22nd, George visited Miami's Unity on the Bay for a free event entitled "Free your self by being your self" organized by the Miami Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization.

    “It was about 20 years ago in India when I met Mike in the mountains, we were both students of meditation and spirituality and what I have seen is that in all of these years I have seen Mike evolve into this highly developed human being becoming a writer of 10 books, a self-help teacher and consultant for corporations,” said South Florida TV personality Meredith Porte.

    George said that one day, 33 years ago, he woke up with a great deal of stress. He knew that he had to find a solution to eliminate it.

    “I realized that it was only through self-understanding that I was going to get rid of my stress because if I don’t understand me, I can’t manage me; and if I can’t manage my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions and actions therefore I can’t manage my responsibilities, my relationships, my roles or my resources,” said Mike George.

    Any kind of stress, sorrow or suffering is a symptom of not knowing how to deal with the self in relation with those things, George said, and “It is in the real school of life, in our consciousness where we do all of our thinking and where we create our visions and decisions."

    Before George further explained in his talk how to use the school of our own consciousness to wake up and deal with any kind of stress in our lives, he said that in writing books he realized an ancient wisdom that says: “How do I know what I know until I hear what I have to say?”

    George said that every time he is couching somebody the first advice he gives is to write something every day, “In other words, talk to yourself because everyone has a source of wisdom at their very heart of their own being, our intuition.”

    In our daily lives, we find ourselves amidst a lot of noise, a lot of thinking, speculation, worries, imagination, and all of those activities spread and affect our quotidian living, if we don’t have a space for silence to calm the noise.

    Before getting deep into his talk, George asked the audience to remain in silence for a few minutes to calm their senses and find the peace within.

    After resuming his speech, George spoke about the need of happiness for ourselves in the present moment, not something for the future attached to an external circumstance but to find it in the moment of now.

    “Because we delay our happiness, is never now, it’s always a promise that remains as a shimmering oasis on the horizon,” he said.

    At one point, George asked the audience to talk to one another and ask what happiness meant for everyone.

    “Happiness is peace, and peace is love, and I mean this deeply not just plain words,” said Victoria F.

    Other guests defined happiness as a choice, a state of mind, a new day, to appreciate right now as it is, harmony, contentment, acceptance, health, the reason of life, a connection, a blessing.

    “Whatever and whenever you are creating, you are in a natural state of true joy losing track of time because it’s not about the destination but the journey,” George said.

    Before addressing other important aspects of happiness George said that the only purpose of life is to live and to be creative.

    “Everyday we sabotage our freedom and happiness in the primary reality of our own beings as we tend to walk ourselves into seven traps: position, power, paycheck, possessions, people, prestige, privileges,” he added.

    At one point or another any of these seven traps kill our peace because each one of us associates a particular situation with them and not with the essence of our own beings.

    George mentioned a perfect example when we quickly lose our peace by associating an unfriendly circumstance with one of those traps.

    “Imagine seeing you car being scratched by a person in a parking lot, you will get angry because someone is damaging your property and you will feel pain and suffering but it is you who is creating that pain, the person who did his thing was doing his own business of damaging vehicles, but you by associating with your car, you become the car, the possession,” George said.

    And that happens, he said, because we are not aware that the primary reality is our own consciousness, not the car, but in the image of the car, of what it represents to each one of us.

    George said that ultimately we have the power to choose between happiness or unhappiness.

    “It is a choice, your decision not to lose yourself many times of the day by creating a sense of self that its not you,” he added.

    The evening concluded with a short meditation session conducted by eight members of the Miami Brahma Kumaris -all dressed in white- and led by Veronica Mc. Hugh, the head of the Miami Brahma Kumaris, and a final performance by yoga instructor and singer Jessica Fein.
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