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    Posted June 26, 2014 by
    Jakarta selatan, Indonesia

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    Vote for Jokowi as the President of Indonesia

    Too many cases of corruption in Indonesia done by the government officials whose duty is to maintain the safety of people and the country made people lost hope on them.

    One of the top news of corruption case in Indonesia came from Chief Justice Akil Mochtar. As reported by washingtonpost.com “Chief Justice Akil Mochtar is the third high-ranking official to be taken into custody by the Corruption Eradication Commission this year. The suspected graft that led to his arrest, along with six others, is believed to be connected to disputed results in a district chief election, commission spokesman Johan Budi said Thursday.”

    Nowadays people are suffering from trust. It is difficult to find a person who is clean from corruption. Person that we should trust is actually a person who destroy the trust. So, to whom should we count on the future of our beloved country, Indonesia?

    On the contrary from the corruption case there is still hope. Indonesia has one person that so far is qualified to be nominated as a clean government official. His work is also well known as a clean work. His missions are noble. His breakthrough is waited and longed by the people of Indonesia. He is Mr. Joko Widodo.

    People wants him to be the next president. There are many reasons why people wanted him to be the next president. If the reasons are listed, then they are:

    1. A man of action.

    When politicians are busy talking and spreading promises, Jokowi is busy working to keep his promises to the Jakartans to make Jakarta the best city in Indonesia and even the best in the world, free from maddening traffic, flood, slum-dwellers and also free from corruption.

    2. The future of Indonesian democracy

    Jokowi’s first debut by shocking all the public officials by visiting their offices to check their time table, scheme of work, and people’s service worked well. Now, There is no small corruption in government offices in Jakarta. Jokowi tries hard to show good governance, free from corruption and nepotism.

    3. A good sample of tolerance

    When people differentiate people by gender, race, religion, status, etc. Jokowi differentiates people by their willingness to work and to serve. He is the person who is not afraid to fire his subordinates if they are not willing to work and to serve the Jakartans.

    4. Inspiring person

    Jokowi's famous activity "blusukan" becomes an inspiring activity that other government officials and politicians follow his action. "Blusukan" can be classified as direct instructions on field. Jokowi believes that blusukan will be more effectively communicated to field officers. He thinks that field instruction is the easiest way to be understood and carried out. Jokowi is welknown for his impromptu visits to see field conditions directly. He often observes sites such as reservoirs, rivers, traditional markets, public hospitals, rice fields, bus terminals and other country's facilities.

    5. Humble, down-to-earth, and reaches out to people

    Where ever Jokowi is, he is always among the people. He sits with them, he talks with them, he eats with them and he lives for them. He is a dream leader.

    6. Man of non-violence

    If the world knows Mahatma Gandhi is the man of non-violence, now Indonesia has a man of non-violence which is Jokowi. He tries to solve every problem through negotiation. He puts his two ears to listen, his two eyes to see and his two hands to help.

    Jokowi doesn’t belong to the Jakartans only. He belongs to all the people of Indonesia. He has shown his effort and seriousness in handling Jakarta. Now, it is the time to show Indonesia that he is capable in handling Indonesia.

    Jokowi cannot work alone. He needs our help to build Indonesia. He needs our cooperation to overcome all the problems in Indonesia. He needs our thoughts, ideas, strength, effort, prayer, trust and votes. Let’s join hands to support him to be the next president of Indonesia in 2014.
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