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    “Transformers Age of Extinction “ Review - a tale of 2 movies


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     montebubbles recently attended this screening of the new 'Transformers' movie: 'For a while we worried, and then it became the movie we expected to see. We were hoping that the Dinobots would have more screen time since we saw a Dinobot panel during the Transformer Fan Experience and everyone was looking forward to seeing them making their live action debut. There were cheers from the audience when the Dinobots came on screen whose fans have been waiting 30 years for that moment. Imagine Optimus Prime riding a T-Rex in to battle with a sword in his hand.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    “Transformers: Age of Extinction” also known as Transformers 4, the latest of the Transformer movie franchise is another reinvention of a blockbuster franchise that was working but is now headed where no Transformer has gone before.

    It’s a complete tale of 2 movies in several ways, the only resemblance between the first movies and the cartoon series and this movie is Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, all other characters have completely changed. It in fact bears little resemblance to what came before and is surely to make fans of the original Transformers unhappy similar to the reinvention of Star Trek.

    A second reason for the tale of 2 movies, in one film you have 3D completely wrong and also done completely right. In the first two-thirds of the movie which was converted 3D and not shot in 3D,

    The last Transformers movie was 3D done right, converted however the action sequences took 3D into consideration while shooting, while in the first to-thirds of this movie it looked as if 3D was an afterthought even though it was known it was going to be in 3D. The action sequences during the first two-thirds of the movie had all the problems with action sequences that Americans hate in 3D, including being out of focus, fast pans, and zooming too quickly which didn’t compare well with the CG effects of the Transformers. The action sequences with the Transformers was great 3D, but the live action appeared to be an afterthought in 3D. Then you go to China, where the 3D was done right. It was a difference between night and day, with a brighter clear picture and the action sequences were shot as if they were well thought out to be in 3D. Hence you have two different movies within the same movie, shot with the same actors and same plot line.

    The subplot of the movie which is the American government out of control, and Kelsey Grammer aptly represented this subplot. Kelsey Grammer plays a menacing out of control government figure
    If you listen carefully, Grammer not only added a little bit of bulk to his villainous character but added a booming commanding baritone voice which we haven’t heard from him in a live action movie.
    Nicola Peltz is a younger more athletic version of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and this movie’s heroine. Additional eye candy is from the equally athletic and heroic Li Bing Bing and Sophia Myles that keep Stanley Tucci busy. Stanley Tucci was even more amazing than Grammer, as he plays an athletic role which he’s not noted for playing, and seems to have a lot of Tony Stark in him from The Avengers and Captain America, playing one of the world’s richest men who’s also a smart ass like Tony Stark, and similar to Tony Stark was willing to sacrifice his life to save the world. Mark Wahlberg is rapidly becoming Bruce Willis, as an action hero that’s a doting father and the protection for the world falls into his lap, which he is able to handle but would rather not.

    We saw a pre-release screening courtesy of Paramount and Revolt TV but were planning to see the movie the night it was available to the public. Would we have paid to see the movie? Yes as we already said, but we are also planning on seeing the IMAX version within the week.

    The movie is longer than necessary, but the action keeps moving at such a quick pace that if you don’t have your popcorn and refreshments before it starts, you might as well forget it as you’ll be glued to your seat. The movie ended to a room full of applause.

    This is part 3 of our 3 part coverage on the Transformers. Our part 2 was “Transformers Fan Experience with Hasbro design team.” Our part 1 was an interview with Isaac C. Singleton, Jr., the voice actor for Soundwave, from the “Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark” video game that will be released next week.

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